Scooby Doo Pornography Story: Flawless life Chapter Three

Scooby Doo Pornography Story: Flawless life Chapter Three

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Annie pushed open the door. Bea and Annie were covered with dirt from head to toe. Bea took one look at herself and cried, My mom is gonna shoot me!

Annie rolled her eyes. Relax, babe. You can shower here and borrow some of my junk. Thats why we came back an hour early.

Bea sighed, Fine. She scuffled to the upstairs bathroom while Annie claimed the downstairs one.

Fred resumed his typing as the door to Mr. Barretts office opened. He looked up for a split second, but for some reason he couldnt look away. She was smiling, she had straight white teeth. He gulped and went back to his work as she walked in his direction. She stopped at the entrance of his cubicle and said, Hey, good news. Im your new co-worker.

Fred smiled, Thats really good news. Lousy pay, though. Heyum…Eliza. Would you like to get a drink with me after work? I meanfor celebration, of course. Not a date or anything

Eliza laughed. Was she making fun of him? When she stopped giggling, she answered, No, itll be a date, Fred. Meet me at The Pub at around eight?

Fred nodded, Sounds good.

She smiled again. Then its a date. She walked away, carrying a briefcase.

Fred sighed and loosened his tie. He stared at the picture of him and Daphne for a second. She was gone, dead, deceased. She wont ever come back again. So, why did he feel like a cheater?

Bea shook her head. Do you know a girl named Annie Jones? She gets me into trouble constantly and has red hair.

Annie laughed again and said, Nope, no clue who she is.

Bea replied. Well, I beat her up and stole he clothes. She was weak and it was fun.

Annie laughed until her eyes watered. Did you ask your mom when you can spend the night?

Bea shook her head, Not yet, but shell be steamed if she finds out were really staying in that cave.

Annie shrugged, What she doesnt know wont hurt her.

Fred walked in the door and ran up the stairs. He waved to the girls and said, No time to talk, I got a date.

Annie and Bea looked at each other. Annie asked, Did he saydate? No way!

Bea shrugged, My parents are divorced and they date other people.

Annie nodded, Yeah, hes seen other women, but not seriously. Dad says Im the only girl in his life.

Bea laughed. So hell be over this one soon?

Annie nodded, Of course, he cant just replace mom.

Bea had already gone home, but Annie sat eating a TV dinner and doing a crossword puzzle.

Fred tapped her on the shoulder and asked, So, do I look decent?

She took one look and said, Good dad. I think you look about ten years younger.

Fred beamed. Really? I was shooting for handsome, but if Im ten years younger I must look good! Daph always said I He stopped in mid sentence when he realized who he was talking about. Annie didnt seem to notice, she was concentrating on her puzzle.

Fred kissed Annie on the forehead and drove off to meet Eliza.

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