Scooby Doo Pornography Story: The Room Chapter Six

Scooby Doo Pornography Story: The Room Chapter Six

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The Apartment

Fred was awakened by the ringing of the telephone.

Fred answered the phone in a sleepy voice. “Hello?”

“Hi Fred!” said Velma.

“Hi, Velms. How are you all?” Fred asked trying to keep his eyes open.

“We’re fine. We have another mystery. Can you meet us at the Malt Shop at 9:00am?” asked Velma.

“Uh. Sure.” Fred said.

“Great. See you later.” Velma said.

“Bye.” said Fred, hanging up the phone.

“Who was that?” asked a sleepy Shaggy, walking into Fred’s room.

“Velma. We have to solve another mystery.” said Fred.

“Oh Great.” said Shaggy.

Then they got dressed, ate breakfast, and met Velma, Daphne, and Scooby at the Malt Shop.

“Raggy!” Scooby said happily when he saw his master walk into the Malt Shop.

“Hey, Scooby! How have the girls been treating you?” asked Shaggy.

“Fine. Don’t worry, Shaggy,” said Velma.

“Freddie!” Daphne said happily as her boyfriend walked into the Malt Shop.

“Hey, Sweetie.” Fred said as he walked up to Daphne.

“I missed you!” said Daphne before they kissed.

“As did I!” said Fred as he embraced Daphne and put his head in her red hair.

“I hate to break up your moment, but we have to go.” said Velma.

As the Mystery Machine pulled up next to the old hotel, a pair of eyes watched from a window upstairs.

As they reached the door, Fred noticed that Daphne didn’t look happy.

“What’s wrong, Daph?” asked Fred with concern in his voice.

“Huh? What? Oh. Hi, Fred.” Daphne said.

“Are you O.K.?” asked Fred.

“I’m fine. Just thinking about stuff.” said Daphne.

“Like what?” asked Fred.

“Uhh, girl stuff,” lied Daphne.

“You want to talk to Velma about this?” asked Fred.

“Sure,” said Daphne. When Velma walked over, Daphne said, “Velma, I lied to Fred!”

“Why, Daph?” asked Velma.

“Because I don’t like him being with Shaggy all the time. He gets to see Fred more than I do.” Daphne said.

“Why don’t you tell Fred you’d like to see him more often?” suggested Velma.

“But he likes having an apartment with Shaggy. What if he hates me?” asked Daphne.

“We’ll I don’t,” Fred said. He had been listening the whole time.

“How much did you hear?” asked Daphne as her checks turned red.

“Enough to know how you feel,” said Fred. “I’m sorry that you can’t talk to me directly about how you feel.”

“I thought you’d get mad at me,” said Daphne.

“We’ll I’m not and I wouldn’t,” Fred said.

“Groovy!” Daphne said.

“You feeling O.K., Daph? You haven’t said, ‘Groovy,’ since your father died,” Fred said with concern in his voice.

“So? I don’t know. I felt like saying it ’cause I wanted to,” said Daphne somewhat annoyed.

“O.K., Daph. Sorry!” said Fred.

“Freddie, I miss him so much. I thought by saying, ‘Groovy,’ everything would be how it used to be. I’m… I’m…” Daphne choked as tears started rolling down her face.

“It’s O.K., Daph, every thing’s fine,” Fred said as he pulled her to his shoulder to cry on.

After about a minute or two, Daphne recovered and said, “Sorry that you had to see me like this, Fred.”

“It’s O.K., Daph. I’m happy that you let it out. How about we go on a date after this mystery?” suggested Fred.

“That would be nice,” Daphne said, smiling.

“Like guys, the d-d-d-d-door opened by itself!” said a scared Shaggy.

“Rah rit rpened ry rtself!” Scooby said. Translation (Yah it opened by itself!)

“I’m not going in there!” said Shaggy.

“Fine, stay out here and don’t be brave,” Daphne said, rolling her eyes.

“Rey! Raggy ran re rave!” Scooby said. Translation (Hey! Shaggy can be brave!)

“Prove it!” Daphne said.

“Fine! If I’m brave what do I get?” asked Shaggy.

“I’ll give you two boxes of Scooby Snacks and whatever else you might want,” said Daphne. “If you aren’t brave, then you have to be my butler for a week because Jinkens is on vacation. Deal?”

“Deal,” Shaggy said as Daphne and he shook hands.

When the gang entered the hotel, a woman looking to be in her late sixties appeared.

“Are you Mystery, Inc.?” asked the woman.

“Yes,” Velma said.

“My name is Edna Boggs. Ever since my brother, Joe, died, my hotel has lost business because of the haunting of his ghost,” said Edna.

“Ghost?” Shaggy said in a scared voice.

“Shaggy, remember our deal?” asked Daphne.

“Oh yah. I mean, a ghost? How interesting!” said Shaggy.

“You children may stay in any rooms you’d like,” said Edna. “If you need anything, I’ll be at that desk.”

“Nice to meet you,” Daphne said, smiling.

When the gang got to their rooms, Fred said, “Let’s split up gang! Velma, you go with Daphne and Scooby. I’ll go with Shaggy.”

“Freddie! I always go with you!” whined Daphne.

“I know. I thought for a change we’d go with different people,” said Fred.

“Oh, all right, but only this once, and tell me if Shaggy isn’t being brave.” said Daphne. (I really want Shaggy as my butler! (He’d look so funny in a French maid’s costume! she thought, smiling to herself.)

“Yah,” replied Daphne.

“How do I say this? O.K., here goes. I love Shaggy!” said Velma somewhat blushing.

“Wow! Why don’t you tell him?” asked Daphne.

“Jinkes, I’d be too embarrassed, and I bet he likes some other girl,” said Velma sadly.

“Velma, you should tell him. I mean, that’s how Fred and I got together,” said Daphne.

Before Velma could answer, Scooby said, “R’ll rell Raggy rou rove rim right row!” Translation (I’ll tell Shaggy you love him right now!)

“No, Scooby. Please don’t!!” Velma screamed, but Scooby was already gone.

“We should follow him,” said Daphne, pulling Velma with her.

“Yeah, me too.” said Shaggy, smiling.

“Why did you make that stupid deal with Daphne?” asked Fred.

“Because she’s right about me not being brave. I should be braver. I’m sick of being a coward, Shaggy said.

“I think you are brave a lot of the time. You always help us get the bad guy even if my traps don’t always work,” said Fred.

“I only help get the monster because you promise to give me food. I don’t call that being brave,” said Shaggy sadly.

“Stop putting yourself down. You are brave,” said Fred.

“Thanks Fred,” Shaggy said, smiling.

“You’re welcome, Shag,” said Fred happy that he could help his best friend.

Just then, the ghost of Joe Boggs appeared. “This is the last time you’ll ever see your friends again,” said Joe as he pulled out a gun, aiming it at Shaggy. Just before the bullet hit Shaggy, Fred stepped in front of Shaggy, and the bullet hit Fred in the chest. Blood came gushing out everywhere, making Fred fall down. Luckily, Shaggy caught him in time before Fred hit the floor. Then Shaggy gently placed Fred on the floor and bandaged Fred’s wound with the first aid kit Fred always carried with him.

Scooby came running in, crashing into the ghost, followed by Daphne, Velma, and Edna.

Daphne screamed when she saw Fred who had fainted as a result of all the blood he had lost.

“Don’t just stand there, do something,” screamed Daphne, tears flowing down her face.

“I’ve just called 9-1-1. They’re on their way.” said Edna.

“Now let’s see who this ghost really is,” Velma said as she pulled off the mask revealing Red Herring. “Just as I suspected. Red was mad at his aunt for not giving him his rightful share of Joe’s fortune. He pretended to be Joe in hopes of persuading Edna to give him his share of the fortune,” declared Velma.

“Fred would have been so happy that for the second time ever, Red Herring was the bad guy,” said Shaggy.

A/N: In “A Pup Named Scooby-Doo,” Red Herring was once one of the bad guys.

“That still doesn’t explain why he almost shot Shaggy and shot Fred,” screamed Daphne tearfully.

“I wasn’t aiming for Jones. I was aiming for Rogers,” said Red.

“Why?” asked Velma.

“Because I was always jealous that Shaggy became your friend when it could have been me,” said Red.

“That still was no good reason to try and kill me!” said an angry Shaggy.

The police arrived and took Red away. Then, an ambulance came to take Fred to the hospital. Daphne rode with Fred in the ambulance. Shaggy, Velma, and Scooby rode in the Mystery Machine.

“Shaggy, why didn’t you do anything?” Daphne said still crying.

“Like, Daph, I caught and bandaged Fred,” said Shaggy.

“If Fred hadn’t gone in front of the bullet, he would not have been shot!” said Daphne.

“Oh. So, you’re saying that YOU would have liked the bullet to HIT me! You only care about Fred, Velma, and Scooby-Doo. It seems like you don’t give a damn about me! I used to think you were nice, but now I can see that all you are is a JERK!” Shaggy said angrily as he got up to leave the waiting room.

“Well, you know what, Shaggy? I think you have a crush on Fred! I don’t want to be friends with a gay!” said Daphne angrily as more tears fell down her already ruined make-uped face.

“You’re wrong, Daph,” Shaggy said as tears started to fall down his face. Then, he left the waiting room. After a couple of minutes, Scooby decided to leave the room to try to find his master.

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