Scooby Doo Pornography Story: How I Faced My Hottest Acquaintance Gf Maybe – Chapter 1

Scooby Doo Pornography Story: How I Faced My Hottest Acquaintance Gf Maybe – Chapter 1

A/N: I recorded
Scooby-Doo and the Witchs Ghost and have watched it multiple times
in the past week. This involves my two favorite parts of the movie:
when Velma asks Fred why he always pairs off with Daphne and when
theyre trailing the Hex Girls and he tries to explain himself as
she kind of leans in to kiss him. And I dont own any of it, by
the way.

Velma had been teasing
when she asked why Fred always paired up with Daphne when they split
up for a mystery but the thought stuck in Freds head for a simple
reason. He had often wondered about that too.

In the beginning he
had written it off as protectiveness. That was how it was with Velma
and he more often grouped the three of them than just him and Daphne.
He had met Velma first of the group and she was like his little
sister. It fit how they had met. He had teased her for being a
brainiac but then beat up the other kids in the sand-box for calling
her four-eyes.

He wasnt being
entirely in denial when he said that. He did want to protect
Daphne. But it was more than that. He needed to protect her.
He didnt know what hed do without her. And upon further
examination of that declaration he realized that it wasnt just
that he didnt know what hed do if she died, it was how lost
hed be if she simply left.

At first he thought it
was partly caused by the way they had met. He met Shaggy soon after
Velma, thanks to Scooby running into him, and they had quickly become
buds, daring each other and doing things together that could be
considered stupid but was really just dangerous, even with a purpose
in mind.

That was how he met
Daphne. He and Shaggy were ten and they climbed the twenty foot oak
in the park. Actually, they didnt climb it. Shaggy and
Scooby climbed while Fred spotted them from the foot of it. He did
his job well for, when Shaggy fell out of the top branches, Fred
broke his fall. They were laying there when a well-dressed
red-headed girl approached and stood over them.

Shaggy? Scooby?
What are you doing?

Fred gazed up past the
bodies pushing themselves off of him into the face of an angel.
After pulling the boy and his dog off of Fred, she crouched down
beside him and asked if he was all right before helping him to his

Like, Daphne, what
are you doing here? Shaggy asked, and Fred let the name roll
around in his mind. Daphne. He liked it.

My daddy went out
of the country so my nanny brought me here to play. What were you
doing in a tree?

Freddy here dared
me to climb it. Im okay. But, like, its gonna hurt in the

Reah, Scooby
pitched in. Daphne giggled.

Well next time
dont take dares. Its nice to meet you Freddy.

He had just chuckled
nervously and tried to make conversation. It turned out she had met
Velma ages ago and Shaggy and his pup through the genius girl. The
five had grown up together and, as they grew older, it became obvious
who were the closest in the group. Velma and Daphne were girlfriends
and Velma eventually showed signs of liking Shaggy in a
more-than-friends way. Shaggy and Scooby were so close that theyd
do anything for each other, and Fred found he was still good friends
with Shaggy. But he discovered that his best friend was the red
haired angel. The one he couldnt lose, the one he needed to
survive, the one that he had fallen in love with.

And these were all of
the reasons that he always paired off with her. Because he wanted to
be near her and he needed to know that she was safe.

A/N: I wasnt
sure, but I think thats a good place to stop. There is going to
be one more chapter, which I hope to get up by tomorrow at the

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