Scooby Doo Pornography Story: London Laughs Chapter Three

Scooby Doo Pornography Story: London Laughs Chapter Three

I do not own Scooby-Doo or any related Hanna-Barbera/Warner Bros
characters. The plot and minor characters are creations of mine. This
is a non for profit, just for fun piece of fan writing!

Three Fish and Chips At Last!

Wowee! Shaggy and
Scooby gazed around the large room, complete with en-suite bathroom,

Like check it out
Scoob Shaggy said, They have gold handles on everything!
Taps, door, toilet, wardrobe. This place is like uber-posh, we have
to be like on our best behaviour.

Across the hall Velma
was admiring her room, furnished with elegant furniture and an
exquisite old fashioned four poster bed, the young girl felt
extremely glamourous as she lay down on it, admiring the dark oak
wood and the rich purple curtains drawn back at either side. Adorning
the ceiling were lint gold cherubs and angels, frolicking on clouds.
With such splendour and grandeur surrounding her, the young girl felt
almost insignificant in comparison.

Jinkies! she

A knock at the door
interrupted her reverie,

Its open. She

A young bell boy opened
the door and brought in her suitcase,

Your case, miss.
He said politely

Oh, thank you very
much. The bespectacled girl said, as the young boy left.

Down the hall from
Velma, Fred was unpacking his suitcase; organizing things in his
usual tidy way. Once done he looked at his appearance in a long
mirror, quickly smoothing out his hair, and straightening his
trademark red ascot he walked slowly to the door of his room,

What are you doing?
He thought,

Going to see her,
what else?
Came the reply

Why? Why would you
even think that she wants to see you?

Because I am her

Ignoring the battle
going on in his head, the young blond boy opened the door to his room
and walked across the hallway and knocked on the door to Her

She opened the door and
smiled when she saw who it was,

Hey Freddie, come on

Thanks Daph. Just
came to What had he come to see? Her.
But you cant say that
I just came to seeif youif you
are ok in your room. Lovely isnt it?

I know they are so
beautiful. She replied, I have just finished unpacking.

The redheaded girl
opened the wardrobe door, as if to prove that she had unpacked. Fred

Shall we go and get
the others? I cant wait to go and explore London!

Lets go then.
Daphne said, Oh, wait. Ill just grab a jacket.

Like I vote we go
get fish and chips!

Re roo!

We should go on a
sightseeing tour!

No, we should go and
get tickets to see a West-end show!

Woah, woah, woah!
Guys! Fred raised his voice over the disagreements, Guys, calm
down! We will get nowhere otherwise.

Freddie is right. We
need to be diplomatic about this.

Daphne and Fred bent
their heads over a guide to London, discussing possible ways around
the disagreements.

I like..err talk to you? Shaggy said quietly

Yes, of course you

Like I was thinking.
You know your way around London dont you?

Hardly, I studied
the map, and thats about it. Why?

Like, I was
wondering if you would take me and Scoob to a fish and chips shop?
Then we could go on a sightseeing bus tour? That is like of course,
if you like want to.

Velma blushed, in spite
of herself.

Sure. She glanced
over at Fred and Daphne, Fred, Daphne. Me and Shaggy are gonna, go
and do our own thing. We will meet you guys back here for dinner

And with that the pair,
followed by Scooby left the hotel. Fred looked at Daphne with one
eyebrow raised;

You dont think.
He said

I dunnoshe

They cant be

We will have to wait
and see.

So where do you
wanna go then? Fred turned to the young girl beside him

To see a show.
Please. She said.

Ok, then. Lets go
get some tickets.

Like, oh boy! Fish
and chips at last! How cool, Scooby!

Rish rand rips!

Glad that you are
enjoying them! Said Velma as the wind blew her hair about her

They were sitting on
the upper floor of an open topped double decker sightseeing bus, on a
guided tour of London. They had been down the Mall and seen
Buckingham Palace, and were currently going past Trafalgar Square.
There was a chipper guide reeling off information and facts as they
drove past things of interest, monuments, and important places.

We are currently
going past the Her Majestyss Theatre, where the popular show
Phantom of The Opera is, and has been, playing for
twenty years to sellout audiences. Our next visits are Leicester
Square and then Covent Garden! her voice rang out across the bus
as it continued along the roads of London.

Here you go! Chapter 3, I hope that you are enjoying it so far. My
apologies for the time it has taken me to update, I have been busy
starting a new job. Hopefully now that I am all settled I can really
get down to getting on with the story. Thank you to all of my
reviewers, I hope you received your replies.

Knight: I started the ship in this chapter, however like I said I am
not sure how it will develop! Watch this space, lol!

general reference, all of the places, theatres and shows that are
mentioned in this, and the next few chapters are real and can be seen
in London.


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