Scooby Doo Pornography Story: Realizing Love Chapter 4

Scooby Doo Pornography Story: Realizing Love Chapter 4

Shaggy and Scooby
tumbled around in the back of the Mystery Machine, regretting to
neglect using their seatbelts, as they usually did. Fred flew so hard
toward the passenger window, that when he regained his composure (and
after nursing his cheek with his hand) there was a smear on the
window from where his face had been.

The cause of the
commotion inside the Mystery Machine, was because Daphne had been
turning corners going full-speed.

Daphne, you want to
try slowing down? Fred asked, still rubbing his cheek.

No! Velmas life
depends on us solving this case as fast as we can, Daphne stated

So you want to tell
me where were going then? Fred asked.

Everytime Velma had
gotten depressed or upset, she would head to the Coolsville Park,
Daphne said. Well, as we all know, theres a large forest behind
the park. Velma would go far into the forest because she and I had
built a little tree-house there when we were younger. She would
basically use that place when she wanted to be alone.

They reached the park
within five minutes, considering the fact that Daphne had been
speeding horribly. Once Daphne parked the car, with lightning speed,
she was out of the car and heading for the forests behind the park,
with Fred, Shaggy, and Scooby in tow.

She reached the area
that she was heading for and stopped in front of a large tree with a
quaint, but old looking tree-house. Daphne looked around and frowned.

Like, what are you
looking for Daph? Shaggy asked.

I dont
knowpossibly another note or something, she replied

The gang looked
around, trying to find any sort of clue to lead them to Velma.
Scoobys nose started twitching at a smell that seemed as though it
was something out of place. Scooby looked around and started
following the scent. Fred, Daphne, and Shaggy bewilderedly looked at
him. Scooby moved toward the tree and started barking at an odd smell
that was located in the tree.

Scoob! Youre
going to end up disturbing the people in the park! Daphne scolded,
putting her hands on her hips and giving him a stern look.

Like, Scoob! This
is no time to bark at squirrels! Shaggy said.

Rits a runny
smell! Scooby said, starting to whimper at the unordinary scent.

Whats it smell
like? Shaggy asked.

Scooby took another
whiff of the air, then shuddered at the awful smell.

Rish! Scooby

Fish! Fred
said, confused.

Shaggy started to
climb the tree to retrieve the supposed fish. He sat down on the
floorboards of the tree-house and looked around. After about five
minutes of being in the tree, Shaggy finally descended from the tree.

Well, did you find
anything? Fred asked.

Yeah, Shaggy
said, holding out a dead fish with one hand and pinching his nose
closed with the other.

Fred, Daphne, and
Scooby backed away instantaneously, as if someone had punched all
three of them in the stomach.

Did you find
anything else up there? Daphne asked, also pinching her nose
closed. Fred and Scooby were doing the same.

No, just this,
Shaggy answered.

Do you think it
could be our clue? Daphne asked, looking to the three of them,
hoping that one of them would have an idea.

Fred, Shaggy, and
Scooby looked blank. They all quietly headed back to the Mystery
Machine. Shaggy fell behind while throwing away the dead fish and
washed his hands in the park restrooms.

Fred drove dropped off
Shaggy and Scooby at their apartment and took himself and Daphne back
to Blake Mansion. He kept on pondering what the fish could have
meant, if anything.

Later that evening,
Fred checked his e-mail. There was an e-mail from Mrs. Dinkley,
informing him that he and the gang were welcome to stay a little ways
up north with her and Mr. Dinkley during the holidays. They had just
received new advanced scuba-diving suits and wanted to try them out
soon to see the aquatic life up close and personal in their natural

Fred decided he wasnt
going to answer that until he had gotten Velma back. He signed off
and started to get ready for bed, when it hit him.

Thats it!
Fred said out-loud, running out of the Blakes study to tell Daphne
about his reasoning.

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