Scooby Doo Pornography Story: The mystery of Freddy’s missing comb – part 1 Chapter 1

Scooby Doo Pornography Story: The mystery of Freddy’s missing comb – part 1 Chapter 1

The Mystery of Freddys Missing Comb Part 1

Disclaimer: I dont own any of the gang or for that matter
Freddys comb, although I do own the combs double

As we all know; Fred loved himself. He did everything he could to
keep himself looking good. For instance every morning he would wake
up, go into the bathroom, get his comb and comb his hair exactly
1,396,823 times. Never more or less than that amount of time. For
this reason his comb was the second love of his life. (The first
being himself). In this fanfic on the 13th of every month
Fred loses his comb and each time there is a different reason for it
not being there. Enough of me, on with the fanfic!

It was the thirteenth of January and the gang were still tired from
their New Years party that had ended only the day before yesterday
(the 11th). Fred was woken by his alarm clock at the
unearthly hour of 7:00. He nearly threw it out of the window but then
saw that it had his face on it and decided not to. He got out of bed
groggily and made his way to the bathroom to comb his hair using his
beloved comb. He entered the bathroom and went to the sink which was
where he kept his comb. He reached for his comb but his hand came
into contact with the sink.

There was a loud scream that woke the rest of the gang. Fred had run
to the stairs and fainted. Everybody else stood watching. Whats
wrong with him? said Velma. Oh my God. Scooby, what did you
do! shouted Daphne. Ri ridnt ro ranything, Raphne. Rit ras
Raggy! Said Scoob. Dont blame it on me! replied shaggy.
Fred got up. My precious, gone! shouted Fred. What have you
lost this time, Fred? asked Velma. My..beloved..COMB!.
Now lets think logically, Fred. Where did you last have it?.
I dont know, Velma, I dont know! The gang all set off in
search of Freddys comb. Soon they had covered the bathroom and
Freds bedroom. Where is it? said Fred. Ris it rin rour
rocket? asked scooby. Shut up scoob, of course its not in
Freds pocket, otherwise we would have found it hours ago. said
shaggy. Actually scooby has a good point.. Fred checked his
pockets and sure enough: MY COMB! screamed Fred. Ri rold rou
ro! said scoob, triumphantly. Guess what gang, said Daphne.
What? shouted everybody else except for Fred, who is combing
his hair. Its lunch time! Replied Daphne. Everybody (apart
from Fred who is doing the afore-mentioned) ran to eat with Scooby
and Shaggy in the lead.


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