Scooby Doo Pornography Story: Back In The Habit – Chapter Three

Scooby Doo Pornography Story: Back In The Habit – Chapter Three

As the Shaggy and gang
haul tail to tell what happened to the professor, it was about the
same time that Fred, Daphne and Melvin got back to Velma in the
guardroom. Though oddly, Robert had yet to return.

found a
I found a

Both Fred and Velma said
at the same time. Velma was first to concede. Backing down, she sat
down and waited for Fred to tell the clues that they had managed to
gather first before she moved to say anything. Since she beat Fred to
backing down, which was the gentlemanly thing to do, he continued.
Since she was too stubborn to listen to otherwise, he had long given
up trying to let her to first. (Though that was not after many failed
attempts on his part.)

Well, first we talked with Peter and
were told about the lipstick cameras he was using. Also found out
that there were previous sets of lipstick cameras before the ones
that were currently bought and installed. Well Installed for the
most part. Anyway, something was interfering with their reception,
which is why Kent asked for a replacement set. The interference was
all this dizzying motion captured on film. During this switch, was
the time when the bones went missing from the warehouse. Velma was
about to open her mouth to comment before Fred continued. Yes I
know that doesnt explain why the cameras are all static. Peter
also told us that there is a different type of camera that is
installed in the warehouse, which is prone to voltage surges. He had
to replace a few in the past week or so, which includes the time that
the bones were removed.

Ahhh That makes a lot of
sense now. Velma saw that it was now enough time for her to get
something in. I came across several bits of tape that were
different including what might be evidence of the interference
you were talking about. It was a bunch of shaky images like someone
was playing around with a hand held camera and didnt know how to
use it.

Oh! Like when Daphne was looking around with the
lipstick camera against her head. Melvin said with a slap of one
hand into the palm of the other in realization.


Came a gasp from Velma, who turned back to the screens. Fred
then bumped into Melvin, who looked up to see Fred wiggle his
eyebrows at the younger kid. See. He whispered. Jinkies.
He said with a grin. Though Velma was to into her work to hear what
was going on behind her.

If I take the recording that I
found, and the static tapes I might be able to run it through my
computer and see if I can find anything out. But it might take some
time to configure and render the images. So Ill She paused,
looking at the screen next to her.

Incoming at 3 2.
1. We have cowardice.

As Velma finished her count down,
the door burst open and in came, paws over heels the mass of canine
and beatnik. With a bit of a struggle, Shaggy forced his head past
Scooby, or was that Scrappys paw, to speak. With a salute, he some
how managed, Shaggy croaked out what had happened.

we just got chased by the Ghost Dinosaur And man does he have the
worst breath! We He paused trying to figure how to put it
lightly We got sidetracked a bit looking for rations and we
misplaced the guard on the door due to some Circumstances.

Shaggy, you guys Oof! A quick elbow from one of the other two
came swift and shutting up Scrappy to let Shaggy continue their tale.
We lost track of the door for a short bit, and when we came back
The professor was gone. The room was like a mess. Worst then our
room, eh Scoob?

Rah rah! Agreed from somewhere of the
mass of paws, limbs and Shaggys clothing.

We tried to
look for him, but then came along all tall ghostly and gruesome. A
bit of a chase later, well Here we are! Shaggy finished his
tale and flumped to the floor. Daphne and Melvin moved to try to
untangle the mass of limbs from one another, it was a slow process,
but they managed after a bit to get them into three separate bodies,
all limbs accounted for. Thanks guys.

Alright gang.
Lets go see. Fred suggested, though Shaggy got all wide

Do we like have to go back? We just finished
running away. He tried to plead with the puppy eyes, but had yet
to recover from the run to have it all that effective. Scooby would
have backed him up, but he was holding Scrappy back from running to
face the monster alone. Come on you guys, well all go
together. Daphne suggested, though Velma added. Let me go run
this to the Van and Ill be right with you. Melvin, can you give me
a hand? Melvin was confused at first, so he stood there looking
over at her till she waved a few tapes to catch his attention. He got
it then, and hurried over to accept the tapes that she started to
pile on his waiting hands. As the pile got stacked to his chin, he
watched in amazement, as she seemed to take double the portion she
gave him and picked them up like they were nothing. Well, they seemed
nothing with one or two, but the like sixteen tapes all piled up felt
heavier then it looked. Following after her in awe, she told the rest
of the gang to be careful and headed off to the van with Melvin in
tow. It was a bit of a silent trip back till they got to the car,
mostly because Melvin didnt know what to say. It was all a bit
hard to swallow everything that had happened that day for him. Though
it was clear that Velma was practically skipping with happiness, even
with being weighed down with the tapes Which now were really
getting heavy for him. Thankfully though, they had arrived to the
van. Placing down the stack he had, he leaned against the van trying
to catch his breath.

Sorry Came Velma once she
noticed how he was trying to recover. It wasnt as easy for him as
it was for her. Who was far used to such things.

Can you carry all that? Panted Melvin amazed that she wasnt
even having a hard time breathing.

Oh, well I own a small
bookshop I sometimes open when the guys are off doing other things.
Its a nice way to spend a week when not on a mystery. Those stacks
of books are heavier then these tapes. She said, all the while
putting the tapes into the back of the van.

Ah, well that
makes sense. Melvin thought.

Hopping up into the van once
she piled all the tapes inside, Velma moved to stacking them all.
Curious, Melvin had recovered enough to walk around and peer at what
she was doing.

Im separating them into categories. The
static tapes, the motion tapes and a few to judge the size ratios
of the people working there.

Size ratio? Melvin
looked at her puzzled. Why would they need to know the size of

Well, its clear that someone is using this
Ghost Dinosaur as a disguise to cover up something. And it has
to do with the bones, but the intention is still unclear. So I
figured that it might be good to figure the size difference for each
suspect on camera, so that once or if my computer can gather any more
data from damaged and shaky tapes, that we can compare and figure out
who is on film. It might just give us the clue we need. It might be
also useless, but better off then to look and find nothing, then to
not look at all and miss something. Ive done that before. Once
piled, she started putting in tape after tape of the parts she wanted
on some device she had hooked up to a small screen in the back of the
van. He hadnt noticed it prior to now, since the whole ride he had
been preventing himself from being sick, but it had been there the
whole time. He leaned in and noticed the whole back of the van seemed
outputted with various compartments installed into the walls.

learned a lot over the years. And now a lot of the things we always
wished we had for various mysteries we carry in the back of the van
just in case. It is a pain for when we have to pay tolls on how heavy
the van is, and the gas money, but its worth it in the end.
Velma remarked as she watched the younger boy look in fascination at
the back of the van. She chuckled. …Even though its scary at
some points, isnt it fun? She leaned forward on the consul,
crossing her arms and laying her head on it as she looked at

I I really didnt expect any of this Its a
lot to take in at one time. I mean We were CHASED! That this was
huge and scary! Melvin waved his arms as he spoke, indicating the
huge size of the monster. And you guys are amazing, picking up on
all these things I would have never noticed. And Daphne and Fred
Wow I didnt understand half of the things that the guy Peter
was saying, yet they seemed to know exactly what he was talking

Velma listened the whole time, a smile growing
across her face. He reminded her of when they had been younger. She
hadnt forgotten how it was to learn so much. True, she had no one
before her to teach any of gang what he or she needed to know, but
they learned from each other. She knew a lot, but some things Fred
and Daphne did know better then she did due to their experience with
cameras and film. But that is the beauty of working in a group. You
each had strong points to work off of.

Well, you noticed
that the shakiness could be attributed to something like Daphne
putting the camera to the side of her head to make the same

Well I

That might be an
important factor, if Fred and I are correct.

thought that too? Melvin felt confused. He didnt recall Fred
ever saying anything. Velma laughed.

Well, What Fred didnt
say, I could tell where his mind was going. You, kind of learn to
read each other when you live and work with each other so long. His
mind is already turning and if I know him, once we get back well
probably spilt up again and have a few more places to check before
everything falls into place.

Falls into place? Like
you guys already know what is going on? Melvin was really lost, he
knew they had found a few clues, but how did she already have an idea
of what was going on?

Well, Fred and Daphne didnt talk
too much about Peter. So he doesnt seem to be a suspect. Velma
started but Melvin interrupted. But Peter seemed so stuttering
and jittery. And he lost things. He could be it as well. Velma

Just because someone lost something due to
carelessness or is a bit jumpy or jittery, doesnt mean they are
the person who did it. Actually, it seems to be a more normal
reaction when questioned to be a bit jumpy. The calm ones are the
ones to be more suspicious about it.

Melvins brow
furrowed in thought and confusion. Huh? Really?

Look at it this way. When a person comes out of no where and starts
asking you questions, wouldnt you get all confused and disoriented
if it was sudden and unexpected? Wondering something like what
did I do wrong type deal, right?

Well I

Though when you ask someone something, and they
are able to give you a clear and well thought out of answer, and
quickly. Doesnt that mean that they have had enough time to think
about it to give an answer in such a situation? To me that seems more

Melvin had never thought about it like that.
Well, he never thought he would be a person in such a situation so
didnt have to think about it. But I guess the paranoia might do
that to a person.

Im not saying that Peter is not
totally ruled out, but at this point in time, we have others who pose
more of a possibility then him. So unless the clues move towards him,
then we should waste less time on watching him and more time doing
other things. Velma said, as she was finishing up her work. She
had set up a program to see if she could straighten out the jumbled
pictures into something that was a bit easier to watch. Using a
point-to-point system that had a lot of input of levels and lines, it
was going to try to take the few points of the tape that seemed to
have a clear direction of what was up and what was down as the base
reference. So the program would run and tilt the pictures to make
them all lines up based on the base point that Velma had given the
computer. Hopping off the Mystery Machine, she closed the doors and
dusted her hands off. Making a motion to Melvin, she waved him to
follow her as she trotted towards the door, eager to find out what
the rest of the gang had found out in her absence. Melvin had to jog
after her. Surprised at how fast she moved; yet kept a dainty grace
that didnt kick up her skirt much. Must be from all the experience
from running away from monsters.

Entering the lobby, they
watched at the rest of the gang come back from the professors
office. Fred and Daphne informed Melvin and Velma that they had found
the room all torn up, like Shaggy had said. The professor was gone,
and there were clear signs of struggle, and claw marks of the ghost
dinosaur. Velma told Fred that she had set up the computers to run,
but it was going to take a bit before they would be able to be
rendered and watch able.

Alright gang. Started Fred,
though everyone knew what he was about to say. It looks like we
still have a few clues to find before we can wrap up this mystery.
Velma do you have a map I can borrow? Velma was quick to provide
it, though Melvin wasnt sure where she had it, since he could not
see any pockets on Velmas outfit. Looking the map over, Fred made
a game plan. Alright. Shaggy, Scooby. I want you guys to check
over here. Using the map, Fred pointed to a section that was the
staff area. Had some minor storage, the staff back room, and a few
lockers. Explore this area, see if you can find anything that
might look out of the ordinary.

Looking over the map, he
noted the area where the dinosaur was going to be exhibited. It was
worth looking at. Maybe there was a clue or two by where it was
supposed to go. Moving closer to Daphne, Fred made motions for
Scrappy and Melvin to come closer.

Daphne, Melvin and
Scrappy will cover here. Maybe you can find something about the
dinosaur that wasnt provided by Derk or Kent. Keep you eyes out
gang. Velma and I will try to find Derk to talk to him again and
maybe explore the wrecked office a bit more carefully. Maybe there is
a document that might be useful. Be careful gang, and holler if you
find anything. Well meet back up in about an hour here. Good

It was a while before
either of them spoke up. Fred was the one to break the silence.

You know Melvin isnt so bad at this as I thought it was. He
reminds me of the old days when were didnt know as much as we know
now. Fred chuckled at the end of it. He was getting a liking to
the kid, and he felt a bit like a mentor. Since he was inexperienced
but seemed to have potential.

I have to agree. Responded
Velma. He has a quick mind and inquisitive thought. He has that
same look that we used to have on our faces. Its a bit nostalgic.
Fred laughed.

Now dont you be getting any funny ideas
miss Dinkley. We cannot take on a protg. That and the
kid is way to young for this racket. He should be in school, not
chasing monsters and ghosts like we did. Not saying we turned out
bad, but this doesnt seem to be well thought out on his and
Scrappys part. They dont even live nearby. I just dont
think its a good idea.

Oh Fred. I know that. Hes a
nice kid and all, but I dont think hes cut out for this as much
as we were. Oh! As Velma was talking, she caught someone down on
of the hallways. This way Fred!

Taking off down the
hall, Velma ran to catch the person, with Fred close at her heels. He
caught up to be neck and neck with her as the clashed the person, who
seemed to have spotted them and ran to avoid them. Squinting, Fred
recognized the man for being Peter from before. PETER! Wait up!
He hollered, but that only seemed to make the man run faster. It was
soon that Fred and Velma lost him in all the twists and turns they
had taken. Leaning on the wall to catch his breath, he tried to
listen over his heart for footfalls, but could not hear anything.
Velma had been panting heavy, but took a short time to recover, same
as Fred.

I wonder what got into him. He seemed scared of

Maybe he is more suspicious then I thought.
Velma responded.

And where do you think you are running
to? Came a gruff voice from behind them. Upon turning, Fred and
Velma looked up at the intimidating form of Robert, the security
guard. He seemed to have run to catch them.

I saw someone
and I tried to catch them, Fred identified him as Peter and I had a
few more questions to ask but he took off. Velma told the security
guard. She didnt mean to spook him, but why was he running away
from them then. Especially when Fred said his name.

Doesnt talk to people. Robert said with a snort. People seeming
to apply for him as well.

Well, maybe we can ask you then.
Have you seen Derk? I wanted to ask him a few more questions. Fred

Derk. He just went and got the box key from me.
He said something about Kent wanting it since he lost his. So I gave
him my copy and told him to have Kent give it back to me when he was

But Kent was captured. Velma said

Captured? What do you mean? Robert looked at
them suspiciously. Like, they were not to be trusted. They were a
bunch of overgrown kids to him anyway.

Kent was being
guarded by Shaggy, Scrappy and Scooby, they went away from the door
for a few minutes and when they came back his room was torn apart and
Kent was missing. Didnt you see that on the security cameras?
Fred asked.

No. Robert said with a huff. That is one
of the cameras that Peter has yet to put back up.

Thank you Robert. Now which way did Derk head off to? Velma asked
politely, so not to anger the man any more then he seemed to be.

was heading to Kents office to meet Kent. Grunted

Maybe you should come with us. Suggested Fred.
Not that the aura the man gave off towards them was any comfort, but
it was damage property and the head of security should know about it.
Robert seemed a bit shocked at the offer, but took no time in
figuring out the meaning behind the offer. Velma watched as the big
man took off in the direction and looked towards Fred. He in turn
shrugged and set a place comfortably giving the man ahead of them
enough room.

The trip did not take long. Though before they
got there, Robert spotted Derk coming down the hallway that led to
Kents office. Wheres Kent? Robert barked to Derk. The man
jumped for a second, before he realized it was just Robert. Though he
did not miss the fact that Velma and Fred were there.

just finished talking with him. He rushed me a bit since he said he
had to go. Derk made a sour face, since he did not like having to
deal with Kent at all, and the fact he seemed such in a rush to get
him away from him made him enjoy the interaction even less.

you just saw him? Fred asked confused.

Yeah. The jerk
just left. He stopped me in the hall outside his office. Derk said
with an unhappy huff. First the guy asks if he could bring him the
key, then he wants him away.

But Kents been missing
since his room as torn apart. Velma added. Feeling really confused
at the situation. Had Derk really seen Kent, or was he lying. She
wasnt sure.

Um. But I just saw him? Derk said,
giving them a look like they were stupid. Like, duh, he was right
there kind of look.

Move! Robert said, fed up
with the conversation. He was going to see for himself. Derk tried to
continue his side before Robert pushed past him. Dazed, he forgot his
argument and followed. Fred and Velma were close behind wanting to
know what had just happened. Coming upon the room came a scene that
shocked all but Fred, who had already been to it once before. At a
staggeringly slow pace, Derks mouth hung open as he moved to the
entrance of the door. While he was in shock, Robert was having a
different reaction.

What did you do? He yelled, seizing
Derk roughly by the collar. Robert picked up Derk and flipped him
around to face the angered Security guard. Apparently he didnt
like not knowing things that were going on without him noticing. He
started to shake him before Velma grabbed him by an arm to stop
Robert from shaking Derk.

Calm down! She told him
sternly, surprising the taller man with the strength that the younger
woman was displaying.

Yes. Calm down Robert. Derk, you
know nothing about this? Fred asked the shaken scientist. He shook
his head like a nervous twitch back and forth as fast as he could to
show that he didnt know what was going on.

II just
saw him a second ago Stuttered Derk.

Liar! Yelled
Robert in his face, which made the smaller man flinch.

him down Robert. Commanded Velma. The towering security guard
looked as if he was going to bite her head off, but she was shooting
back a glare hot enough that was able to stand down his. Grudgingly,
he put Derk down. Who in turn sprinted away from Robert and hid
behind Fred.

Its all HIS Fault! Said Derk, starting
to get hysteric. HE framed me Its all the high and
mighty Kent Perls fault! Derk pointed an accusing finger in the
direction of where Kents office was. Fred was starting to feel a
headache coming on.

Scrappy scampered off ahead before Melvin
was able to stop the ambitious dog. His hand went limp and fell to
his side as the Dane vanished from sight in the direction they were

Scrappy Murmured Melvin in defeat as he
was already to far for him to hear the weak protest of his. His head
hung low as he followed wordlessly after the older girl. She had
watched the whole thing and the wheels in her head had been turning.
Though the thought has plagued her earlier, since he seemed to have
felt a bit more comfortable and used to them, maybe it was time to
indulge in her curiosities.

Hey Melvin?

He turned, his attention changing from where his dog had gone to the
older girl.

I was wondering She started off slow,
watching him for any key motions or hints that she was talking about
a subject he might feel uncomfortable with. Scrappy doesnt
seem to be your kind of dog.

What? Him being a mass of
energy, inquisitive, adventurous and me being well me? He
looked over at her, though his neither voice, nor posture gave away
that he was annoyed or even upset about what she was saying. You
are absolutely right. Scrappy was originally my brothers dog. Owen
Toore, eldest son of the Toore household is eventually going to claim
the family name and take over for dads business. Hes a rather
widely known Head Foreman around where I live, and he wanted to pass
the position to my brother since he has taken up a liking to it. Im
getting past myself, but basically my brother, being the older one
always got what he wanted. And one year he wanted a puppy, so my
parents complied. It was nice for the first week or so. But as
the puppy grew more energetic, and my brothers patience for
dealing with the burden of responsibility getting slimmer, he did
what every older sibling does Made his younger brother do

Melvin sighed a mixed feeling sigh, slumping his head
forward on his shoulders. Being several years younger then my
brother, I looked up to him. So when he asked me to do him a favor, I
was too young and gullible to refuse him. I ended up for a long time,
doing the chores that were supposed to build character for my
brother Or so said my father. Maybe he should have done it all
those times, but it wasnt exactly like he was going to tell my
parents. Both were hardly home to realize that I was doing the
chores. Occasionally my dad did come in and comment when he saw me
and Scrappy watching TV, but usually that was some comment that my
dad said for me to keep up the good work, that maybe I would be as
responsible as my brother some day. Little did he know? Well,
eventually being with me all the time, Scrappy got restless. Maybe it
was when we once caught some news about one of the crimes that you
guys had just solved. It showed a bit of some lady interviewing
Shaggy and where he got Scooby. It was from then on that Scrappy
became obsessed with finding out about his long lost uncle. From the
news on TVTo paper clippings from the Sunday papers. Scrappy used
to take me for hunts if he ever heard wind of you guys doing
something else new he didnt know about. Eventually he ran away,
which I assume that is when he came to you guys. It was years before
Scrappy actually returned to us. But by then my brother could care
less about some puppy who he barely remembered even being his. So he
gave me Scrappy. My father thought it was a good idea, since I
could use the responsibility for once. But Scrappy didnt come back
empty handed. For many years I spent taking care of Scrappy, all he
would talk about was the gang and your adventures together. He kept a
scrapbook, afterwards to keep track of you guys travels and
accomplishments. But it was recently that he seemed more restless
then normal. And things lead from one thing to another and, well.
Here we are.

He made a motion to the museum they were
currently in. Making gestures to the various things they were passing

One day at home and watching TV, to on an plane and
eventually in a museum haunted by a ghost dinosaur that is unhappy we
moved its remains. Not exactly how I wanted to spend my weekend,
but it could be worse.

Worse? Daphne inquired
puzzled at what could he deem worse then this situation. Since she
was used to Shaggys constant reaction that each new mystery was
the scariest moment in his life.

Well If I recall some
of the stories Scrappy told me about He made mention of a rather
large Minotaur, a Vampire or two, mummies, werewolves, living toys
and a haunted Treasure Chest or something along those lines. He
seemed a bit vague on the details about that last one. So, this is
only a ghost Dinosaur that can easily bite through most of me
without effort. No biggie.

Daphne grinned, repressing the
fact to chuckle since he was being so sarcastic about it. He seemed
to be handling it better then she might have thought. It did feel odd
him making mention of a few things, though it just made her realize
how many things she had done so far in her life. They all had done in
their lifetime so far.

Well She was about to say
something when Scrappy came scampering back.

Guys! Guys! I
found it! Its only a bit further ahead! Scrappy slid across the
tile floor enough to make some chattering of his claws upon the
ceramic before he disappeared entirely. It took only seconds before
Melvin took off after his rambunctious dog.

Wait up! He

Boy Daphne commented as she watched the
smaller boy scamper off after his hyper canine. She felt a bit bad
for him, since she knew full well how it was to deal with the young
dog, first hand. She could not picture living with him. Though, she
had to pick up her pace before she lost track of them both.

didnt to long for her to come where Scrappy was showing off his
find. It sure seemed to be a main exhibit due to the sheer size that
was offered to the one showcase for the dinosaur. Though with the
size of the ghost that was chasing them, it seemed a lot of
space for a bit larger then the average human, sized dinosaur to be
showed off on. Seemed like a lot of time and effort went into the
showcasing of it, even before it was even in the area. The perimeter
was roped off by those fancy kind of velvety ropes that were linked
together by posts, to let people see past it at the display in the
making. Scrappy had waited on the proper side till they caught up,
before he ducked under and trotted past the flimsy red boundary that
separated the guests from where the work was going on. Melvin held up
a hand in protest as his words just got lost somewhere on the way up.
Daphne came over and let a hand come to rest on his shoulder. He
looked up at her, a bit of helplessness at Scrappys actions before
his eyes grew wide as she ducked past the ropes.

We cant
solve the case sitting on the sidelines. Plus, they hired us, so its
not like its cut off for us to not go past. Not that
trespassing was beyond her of the gang. They had done their share of
it in the past, but it was always for the good of people, and not to
do it for a illegal or wrongful reason. We are technically
working here. So come on. She urged to him. They had clues to

Tentatively, Melvin inched himself over the ropes. He
nearly tripped, and knocked the whole line of posts over. But caught
his balance before he caused any damage. He almost flinched as his
foot touched the other side. Like an alarm was going to go off since
he felt like a person who was not authorized to be in the area. Since
the bells and whistles never went off, he was able to look up and
take in the grandeur of the area. With the stage in the middle of it
all, he figured that was where the Dinosaur was supposed to be put on
display. Behind it seemed a small alcove where was sketched a rough
outline of what the dinosaur looked like, though the painter had yet
to work more then just the most minor details. On either side
stemming from where the alcove was, were two long stretched of what
looked like slanted counters? These had various pictures describing
what the dinosaurs diet, environment and other tidbits of
information that had been thought out by scientists. It seemed odd,
since it looked like a carnivore, but it had a jaw that seemed to be
of an herbivore. So it either was a plant eater, or mixed. An

Though something caught his attention. Moving to
the odd shaped piece on the display board, it read for him to smell
the contents that were held somewhere inside. Leery of the result,
his curiosity got the better of him. Though only a small whiff was
needed to send the boy into tears.


croaked out as he reeled back from the stench. It was worse then a
skunk. Worse then some of the foul gym socks that had been thrown his
way. There was no stench that he could compare it to. At his
exclamation, Daphne and Scrappy came running over.

What did
you find? Asked a chipper Scrappy. The dogs tail a blur in
excitement. Daphne was more relieved it was not a yell of danger or
something. Though with the boy covering his nose she too was curious
at what he had found.

Naere Came a nasally
response as he still shielded his nose. Though it seemed that since
he only was able to smell it when he got close, that you had to
actually seek out the hideous smell to bear witness to its
awfulness. Scrappy was next to get hit by it. He flinched and pulled
back from the counter top.

Man that stuff stinks! He
growled, pawing at his nose to try to rid him of the smell. Melvin
wasnt sure if he would be able to smell straight after such an

Contain inside is a simulation of what the breath
of this deadly creature might smell like due to its ranged diet
and possible bacteria contained in the mouth to help take down larger
prey then itself. Like the Komodo dragon. Read Daphne from the
wall where the information about the particular attraction was.
After the two reactions, she was unsure that she wished to subject
herself to such a smell. But being a true detective, she steeled
herself for it and took a quick whiff. Though even braced for it, did
not damper the tear inducing effect the overbearing odor

Man Daphne shook her head in attempt to
dislodge the smell as it clung to her nostrils.

telling me. I should have stopped you. Melvin felt a tad bit badly
she had went and subjected herself to it as well. And that he didnt
protect her from experiencing it.

Yes you should have.
Daphne said, though light hearted in manner, giving her nose a few
more rubs. Well have to tell Kent that he needs this fixed.
Its nice and all to let people experience prehistoric morning
breath, but it doesnt have to be as As she searched for the
right, appropriate word, she did one more set of rubbing on her nose.

Seriously. Said Scrappy with a bit of
a grumpy distain at the small container of evil. Especially being a
dog, the smell was horrendous. And he didnt have to be all that
close to get a hint of it, and he had practically put his nose in the
thing to smell.

Looking at the time, Daphne noticed that it
was getting close to meeting back with the rest of them. They had
found a bit out, and could always come back. But it appeared that
nothing was really there that could provide any clues that werent
in big bold lettering so that even a young child could read about the

Come on. We better meet back up with the gang.
Lets head off this way, I think its a shortcut back though some
of the staff areas and Shaggy and Scooby might have found
something. Scrappy nodded and Melvin was just happy to get away
from the horrid smelling contraption. He couldnt picture parents
letting their kids smell something like that. Though it was tall
enough that you had to be a certain height to get to the top of it.
The protection from curiosity, in the form of a convenient height
restriction. In that moment, he pitied the taller children.

the ropes, they went away from the display and along what slowly
became a cluttered pathway. It seemed that the route they were
traveling became less and less visitor and more staff since the halls
became a jumbled mess of parts and pieces of what looked to be past
exhibits and such. Not impossible to get around, but sometimes it was
enough to take up half the large hallway. Where normally they could
pass all three in a row and not be touching shoulders, the smaller
areas would be harder to fit two people shoulder to shoulder.
Checking doors as she led them, Daphne peered into each one and
called out Shaggy and Scoobys names. Scrappy was close behind,
peering into each in the shadow of Daphne. Melvin was more curious at
the things that were in the pile by the door she was currently
searching. It seemed to be filled with mannequin parts. From legs to
arms and a few torsos added in for good measure. Probably used for
the suits of armor and things on display and this was where for the
moment they put the extra parts. It was Melvin who was the first to
hear something out of the ordinary. As Daphne hung into the dark room
calling the names of their companions, Melvin heard this faint and
growing louder sound.

At first he thought he might just be
imagining it, but as it got louder and louder between Daphne and
Scrappys yells, He looked up from the barrel to have his eyes grow
wide! He was barely able to give a squeak before the ghost dinosaur
came charging into the area. Hitting into the pile, it sent parts
flying all over the place. Melvin ducked, hiding into one of the
areas as Scrappy turned to face the Dinosaur. Though the dinosaur
was faster and hit a spare arm that landed right across Scrappys
muzzle, dazing him. With a push forward, he came from behind the open
door and slammed it close, pinning Daphne on the other side of the
door into the darkness.

A groan came from Scrappy as he was
trying to shake off the dizziness he was experiencing. Paw to his
head, he was able to get enough sense to jump out of the way as the
tail of the dinosaur came crashing down where he had just been
standing. Had he been able to see straight, he would be able to take
the ghost dinosaur easy. But his mind was still making the room spin.
He was no good like this, and was forced to start to back up. Daphne
seemed to be locked in the room by a few articles closing the outside
opening door, shut. Banging on the door showed that Daphne was not
happy with her capture on the other side of the door. And Melvin was
nowhere in sight. Backing off, he was trying to shake off his
headache. His best bet for them all was to return with help. If
anything, Fred would know how to handle the Dinosaur. With one more
last look of regret for not being able to fight the ghost, he took
off in search for help.

With a sigh of relief, Fred was
happy he was right as he came to watch the two gluttons on the end
of a massing cleaning spree, of the lounges fridge and pantry. Even
the sugar packets were free game as they chugged them down like Shot
glasses to see who was manlier then the other and could handle
the sugar rush till overload.

Like hey gang. Care to
join us for a few rounds? We still have enough for a few more
players. Shaggy chuckled amusedly. It was clear to Velma and Fred
that it was not likely that Shaggy and Scooby had seen the ghost
Dinosaur recently enough. At least not recently enough to have downed
over one hundred sugar packets by themselves, two sandwiches, part of
a watermelon, and a few other miscellaneous wrappers strewn about
table they were eating off of.

No thanks Shaggy. We just
were wondering what happened to everyone. Fred asked the sugar
high beatnik.

Well We found a mess in most of the
hallways, but nothing looked interesting Or Edible.
Checked the rooms but nothing seemed out of the ordinary that
we could notice. So we ended up here. Besides coming across the
fridge unlocked, this odd scribbled note, and some skittish guy
running in here looking for something before he went running off when
he noticed us.

What did you say? Velma

Oh, some skittish guy

Before that.

Before that? Well the fridge was unlocked.
Such carelessness He was about to continue when Fred cut him
off, trying to get to the one bit of info that wanted to know more

No After the Fridge, but before the skittish
guy. Fred said with a sigh.

Oh. Like why didnt you
just ask about it in the first place? The earned a rolled eyes
look from Velma, but at least they were now on the right track.

Here. Shaggy said, holding up a piece of paper. It
seemed to rain a bit of sugar off of it, but was unstained from
anything else. Taking it from Shaggy, Fred placed it on a clean part
of the table to examine it. It seemed to be a typed up list of
inventory. With the date recording to recently. Though, what seemed
off about the inventory list were strange footnotes that were along
the sides of some of the cameras. It was a strange combination of
letters and numbers.

Jinkies! Came a gasp out of Velma.
Which brought everyones attention to her. She pulled out her map
and skimmed it before a grin flowered across her face.

here! She placed down the map next to the list so that Fred could
see it. Curious, Shaggy and Scooby had joined them on the clean side
of the table and peered around the other two to look at the notes.
Each of the sections of the museum on the map is color coded and
given a number for each area. So, my guess is that each of these
combinations are the area color, room number.

what is this H, something note over here. On this part, thingy of
the notes on the list after the Color and room number? Shaggy
asked, curious. He could understand the color and number relation,
but the space after it and the next set of letter number combinations
confused him. Velma seemed to still be working at it, her hand upon
the bottom on her chin.

Well Its all the letter H
for the whole list all the way down. So maybe its the same kind of

Ruts? Scooby offered.

Like no
Scoob, I dont think its huts. Nice try buddy. Shaggy patted the
Dane on the head for a good try.

Could it be
Hallways? Fred suggested.

Velmas eyes grew wide as she
looked at it. Running her hands over it, she counted the hallways and
compared it to the list. You know, you are right. The count seems
to never go past the amount of hallways in the different area. And
using the map it seemed to be lined up in a fashion But She
looked it over, making the H spots on the map. This looks like an
odd placement for the cameras to be put for protecting the
exhibits Most of the them are watching the staff areas not
Velma was not able to get of the rest of it when they all heard the
scampering of claws against the floor. Scrappy came dashing into the

GUYS! The Ghost Dinosaur! It got Daphne and

Snatching up the paper and map, they all ran to
follow Scrappy. Reluctantly in the case of Shaggy and Scooby, but
they never could leave one of their own, even if Daphne got captured
more often then not. As they ran, Velma seemed to be taking note of
something as she ran by, checking the map as they went past. She was
distracted and ended up crashing into Fred when they stopped.

Sorry Fred. She apologized.

Its ok Velma. Fred
helped her straighten up before surveying the scene. What seemed that
have started out to be a pile upon one of the sides of the hallway
had been strewn about as if the dinosaur was looking for something. A
mess of things had been piled up in front of a door, which Scrappy
pointed out.

Daphnes inside there. The Ghost Dinosaur
shoved her inside and then attacked me. I would have clobbered him,
but I couldnt get near him as he started to throw all the stuff
about. But it looks like he left. I could have taken him. Scrappy
said with a snort.

Moving to the door, Scooby, Scrappy and
Shaggy started to clear off the door. Daph! You ok in there?
Shaggy talked to the door, hoping it would talk back.

As they
worked at freeing the door, Fred started to look through the
scattered things. It was a bit before he heard a groan. Over
here! Fred shouted, drawing Scooby and Velma over to assist him.
Pulling various things out of the way, they made a path to what
seemed to be a barrel of Mannequin legs. Though one set of legs was
wearing a ratty pair of worn jeans on. With a heave, they found the
legs were connected to a very dizzy and upside down Melvin.

You ok man? Fred asked concerned as he flipped the boy right side
up. Besides his head spinning, and that a huge Ghost Dinosaur just
attacked him. He was just peachy.

Ugh my head
Melvin groaned. His voice calling over Scrappy who came over enough
to notice he was ok, and then went back to digging out the door with

Rhat rappened? Scooby asked, nosing the
younger kid in concern. Giving his face a wash with his sloppy long
tongue. Melvin fought off the bath and tried to push away the
concerned head.

Im ok All I remember was that the
Ghost Dinosaur came charging towards me, and the next thing I knew
you guys found me. Little did he recall, fainting at the sight.
But even if he recalled it he wouldnt admit it in his
embarrassment. Wheres Daphne? He moved forward looking
for the older girl that was with him.

Perfectly fine,
besides the fact I was shoved into a storage closet. But I found
something interesting. Moving back into the door, Daphne led the
way into the lit room. In her time contained inside, she was able to
find a light on one of the tables. It was arched over to a spot on
the wall, which seemed to be occupied by rolls of what seemed to be
clear material for the most part Except for an irregular edge.
Daphne went straight to it and pointed out the roll. See?

didnt get it. What did the roll of the material have to do with
being a clue? At least that is what he figured she was doing showing
it to them. He didnt get it. Though as he looked around the room,
the smiles were betraying that this in fact was a clue, and it was
just beyond him.

I do see. Great find Daphne. Fred
complimented the older girl, watching Velma look at the material with
a closer look. Though she pulled out a flashlight and examined the
edge more carefully. Melvin wandered closer to see what the older
girl was looking at so closely. It was only when she shone the light
upon the edge that he started to get a clue of what it was.

is the same stuff as… Melvin started, unsure if he should finish
his sentence, since he didnt want to be wrong and embarrass
himself in front of the older girl.

Exactly. This explains
a lot. Velma looked over at him with a nod. Peering behind her,
she looked at Fred. Melvins view followed hers, as they all seemed
to be looking at him. He looked thick in concentration. Here it
comes Velma whispered with a slight hint of excitement in her
voice that seemed to be lost on Melvin. Though even Scrappy looked
intently at the older man, tail swishing happily. What was going
on with Fred?
Melvin thought puzzled.

Gang I have a

Fred said as he pulled his hand off his chin in
thought and placed it at his hip. A grin plastered across his

Velma. This room is secure, isnt it?
Fred asked the girl. She looked over her map, fingers tracing over
something she had written down upon it.

Yeah Fred, its
clear. Though her words didnt make any sense to Melvin. He
listened anyway.

Alright, Velma trace a route for Shaggy
and Scooby to take to attract the Dinosaur leading to Here.
Fred had said as he looked over the map and pointed out a room that
was on it. Melvin looked at it seemed a room filled with rows of
displays. Or so it described. Velma nodded. Good choice Fred. One
entrance in and out, so we can monitor him coming in, and have a way

Alright, We are going to need a type of rope.
Fred mentioned next.

I can get that; Melvin and I found a
set of those display ropes for the exhibits. We could link them have
a good amount of length. Daphne responded. Though Melvin was
shocked that his name was mentioned. What did she mean they found it?
What did they find?

All right, Daph. We need as much as you
can get. Velma, trace her a path so that she can get their
undetected, even if its a bit out of the way. Velma nodded and
looked back to the map with Daphne coming over to get her

Shaggy, Scooby. You guys Fred

You know Well only do it for a box He
paused. Each! Shaggy negotiated on their part for the both of
them. Earning a nod from the Dane in approval. Fred sighed and looked
over to Daphne. She nodded. Two boxes, alright. But they are back
at the van. Velma can get them as she gets ready. Velma also
nodded in agreement.

All right, Velma, you check on the
videos and grab anything you think might help. Think you can rig up a
jammer? Fred suggested.

I can see what we have in the
van. I can give it a try! She beamed, obviously brimming with
excitement of the moment.

All right, now on to the details
of the plan. Come around the map Velma has. They all crowded
around the map as Fred pointed out the plan. See here. This is
where we will set up. When Shaggy and Scooby get the attention of the
dinosaur, they will lead him through this entrance. Fred pointed
out the entry of a rather large room. This has a lot of display
cases to hide behind as cover. And restricts the moment of the
Dinosaur to straight lines with its size. So its only going to
come at us in one direction. Fred slid his finger down the wider
row of the cases. The common walk way used by the visitors. Here,
and here is where you guys can duck behind. And me and Melvin will be
right here as well. He pointed out behind the more middle-ish
section. Me? Stuttered Melvin, who had not actually expecting
to be part of it.

Yeah. Im going to need everyones
help to make this work. Hes strong, so we will need everyone to
jump on him to hold him down. Fred said to Melvin as he then moved
to the next part of the plan.

Scrappy and Velma will be at
this one side, Daphne you at the other side of the entranceway. You
will be using the rope to trip the Dinosaur. Scrappy, I need you to
help just in case Velma isnt done with the jammer. Velma, try if
you can to get it done, if not just help trip him. We can still take
him even with out it.

Fred looked about every one with an
accomplished look. Alright, you guys got it? Lead, He pointed
to Shaggy and Scooby. Trip He pointed to Daphne, Velma and
Scrappy. And they well tackle him for the capture. Once hes
we can tie him up with what ever rope we have and then well have
him. All right. Meet at the location. Melvin, follow me. Scrappy go
with Daphne.

And well follow Velma and get our
boxes. Offered Shaggy. Fred laughed.

All right, you guys
go and get you payment and then all meet back at the room. Good luck
gang. And be careful! Fred

Rah rah Real Ruiet.

Shaggys head
drooped as he finished the last of his bag as well. Which meant it
was time to get the plan underway.

Like Scoob Wasnt
it amazing how Velma found those bones like that? He placed his
hands around his mouth and shouted it, so that his voice could be

The dinosaur was there all along. Funny how we
didnt notice it earlier. Shaggy remarked.

Rah Rah,
runny ring.

We better get going to meet up with
the rest of the gang. They are waiting for this news before they go
to the COPS! Shaggy stressed the last word. And capture the
guy responsible. He started to move down the hallway at a slow
pace. Though he wanted to just run to the safety of the gang were
they lay in wait for them. Though they would not have to wait to
long, since the growing, ground shacking clatter from behind them was
getting closer.

Like Now Scoob? Shaggy was too
afraid to look back. Though he didnt have to hear his cohorts
response, since the Dane took to a mad dash forward. That was all the
answer Shaggy needed. GANG WAY! He shouted as he took off

Shaggys eyes grew wide as he offered a glance
behind him. The Ghost Dinosaur was close at their heels and getting
closer. The big gapping maw, filled with sharp and pointy teeth were
aimed at them. Sure some of them were flat in the mouth as well
But Teeth are still teeth. YIPE! Shaggy hiccupped and poured on
the speed to match Scoobys.


the two of them burst into the room, they traveled a bit before
skidding to a halt and diving to their hiding spots.

Yelled Fred from his spot and up when the display ropes. Daphne and
Scrappy pulling on them to bring the rope up off the floor where the
guys had leaped over it to a nice trip height. But they had not taken
into the consideration of HOW strong the Dinosaur was. As it hit the
rope, instead of tripping, it pulled Daphne and Scrappy away form the
wall. Velma dropped what she was working on and grabbed a quick grip
on the rope but even her added strength did little to slow down the
movement of the Dinosaur. With a roar, the Dinosaur thrashed its tail
about trying to shake the restriction. Glass shattered and sprayed
all over the place making everyone hide to avoid the glass.

to take him anyway! Fred said as he got up. Jumping at the
Dinosaur, Shaggy and Scooby were not to far behind. Unable to get his
legs to move, Melvin shook where he had hid. Wanting to move, but
paralyzed in fright at the situation. But the three of them were not

Ill get him! Shouted Scrappy as he got up
from where he got pulled to by the rope. Though as he moved, he was
impeded in attacking the Dinosaur by catching the flung Scooby in his
paws. Oof!

One by one, The Dinosaur had thrown off Fred
and Shaggy. Daphne was still trying to pull and tangle the legs with
the rope, as Velma dived back to her electronics to rush her work in
attempt that it might aid their dire situation. A roar bellowed from
the massive form of the Dinosaur as it looked about for something.
And it found it in the huddled form of Velma working. As the Dinosaur
locked on her, it moved forward slowly due to the ropes. But it still
was not being stopped by it.

STOP! Yelled Melvin as he
stood between the Dinosaur and the older girl. She looked up in
shock, but saw that he was buying her time so she dove back to her
work. ss..stop! He yelled again only with a little less
courage as the first yell. Especially since the Dinosaur was getting
closer and closer to him. It seemed to be growing in size, as he got
nearer. Melvin gulped. Dont Come any The boy had
courage, but he could only take so much. Eyes rolling back into his
skull, the boy fainted. His adrenalin rush had ended and he fell to
the floor like a stone. It was then a blur of Brown came flying out
of nowhere. Slamming in the Dinosaur, Scrappy was pushing and hitting
the massive creature.

You can scare my Uncle Scooby You
can throw my Uncle Shaggy You can destroy the museum property
But never Ever do you touch or harm my owner or the gang! With
a growl he lunged and pushed back the Dinosaur. Though it was a bit
of a stalemate, as the Dane was only keeping him from advancing, but
not stopping him.

Ah! Squeaked Velma as she fumbled
with the device she had in her hands and pressed the button. It
seemed that the Dinosaur stiffed and its head darted around as if
it was looking for something. Though it got little a chance to find
what it wanted since Scrappy charged. With the momentum of Scrappy,
and the quick movement of Shaggy, Scooby, Fred and Daphne at the
ropes, they pulled and uprooted the monster and sent it to a crashing
halt to the ground. Moving quickly, as Scrappy stood on top of the
Dinosaur keeping him still, they worked to wind the rope around and
tie up the Dinosaurs legs up to the wrists. Panting, they all
pulled back to get a look at their work. The Dinosaur seemed to
struggle, but was finally captured.

Melvin groaned as he
shifted from the ground and rubbed the back of his head that had hit
the ground when he fainted. Scrappy dashed off the pinned Dinosaur
and to his masters side. Melvin used the Dane to steady himself as
he leaned up looking over in the ghosts direction. Did we win?
He asked tentatively, as the gang sighed with relief at the boy being
ok. Scrappy licked his masters face. Yeah Mel. We

WHATS GOING ON HERE? Came the bellow that
most of the gang had gotten to know as the grumpy voice of Robert. He
came storming in with a few other security guards that were under his
command. Picking herself off the floor, Velma dusted off her skirt
and moved to where the Dinosaur had been struggling against its
confinements. With Scooby and Shaggy hauling the Dinosaur to a
sitting position, Velma grabbed the top of the Dinosaurs head.

me introduce you to

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