Scooby Doo Pornography Story: Flawless life Chapter Two

Scooby Doo Pornography Story: Flawless life Chapter Two

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Annie breathed a sigh of relief when Fred closed the door. Whew, that was way too close.

Bea swallowed a bite, and then said, I told you we might get caught! We shouldnt have been down there by those caves anyway!

Annie laughed, Stop being such a worry wart! You sound like dad.

Yes, sir, Fred replied.

Good, now that Ive made myself clear. Bennett stalked back to his private office and slammed the door shut.

Fred sighed and turned on his computer. His desk was covered with pens, papers, folders, a coffee mug and two photos in frames. One was of him and Daphne, the other was of Annie.

He was about to start typing when someone came up behind him. A young womans voice asked, Do you know where Mr. Bennetts office is? Im applying for his new assistant.

When Fred turned around, his jaw dropped. Standing in front of him was a gorgeous blonde woman. Her hair was tied up in a bun, she wore a skirt that was way too short to be worn in an office, and her face just seemedperfect. No moles, scars, or anything. She wore glasses, but they seemed to go with the whole outfit. Yet, there was something else that was just truly angelic about her. Something that he had only seen in Daphne.

He stood up immediately and ran his hand through his hair. Uhyeahhes in that big office over there. Are you new?

She smiled, showing dazzling white teeth. Yes, Mr.?

Oh, Fred Jones, he said nervously. He grasped her hand and shook it.

Good to meet you. Im Eliza Stone. I hope I see you more around here Mr. Jonesthat is if I get the job. She let go of his hand and walked away.

Fred took a deep breath and loosened his tie. He watched her disappear into Mr. Bennetts office.

Bea bit her fingernails nervously. Annie, are you sure we wont get caught skipping school? My parents will ground me to the end of the century if they find out!

Annie Jones smiled and pulled her red hair back into a ponytail with an orange ascot. Im positive. Have I ever proved you wrong?

Bea answered almost immediately, Yes, all the time.

Annie huffed as she picked up a knapsack filled with supplies, Well, not this time, ok? It only takes us twenty minutes to get to the cave. Well spend three hours exploring, and another three to set up camp. Well still have an hour and a half to get back.

Bea sighed, You know, if your dad wasnt so strict on you, you probably wouldnt go looking for danger. Its like you crave it.

Annie laughed as she threw her knapsack down the dark hole and turned on a flashlight. You make it sound like Im Indiana Jones. At least he knows how to have a thrill.

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