Scooby Doo Pornography Story: Ideal life Chapter 8

Scooby Doo Pornography Story: Ideal life Chapter 8

Disclaimer: Long story short…I don’t own Scooby & pals, so don’t sue.

Fred gestured to Annie to help. Annie sighed and said, “Jess, we’re only going to be gone a week. Not a century.” She grabbed the bags, while Bea giggled. Jessica glared at them and said, “Unlike you two, I’m social and like to interact with other human beings.” She stalked out of the house, leaving Annie and Bea biting their lips to hold in the laughs.

Jessica, Bea, and Annie sat in the back of the van, while Eliza and Fred sat up front. The ride to the airport was surprisingly quiet. Only because Annie put a few drops of NightQuil in Jess’s diet coke.

Inside the airport, Jessica hassled with the flight attendants about her three carry-on bags, while Annie and Bea got a slurpy from the food court.

Eliza and Fred ended up sitting in the back of the plane next to each other. Annie glared when she saw Fred’s hand curled in Eliza’s.

Bea and Jessica were up front. Jessica was talking, but Bea had borrowed Annie’s headsets, so she was spared the torture. Annie was sitting next to an old woman who smelled strongly of cat pee.
The plan ride was terrible. The old woman fell asleep and was leaning on Annie’s shoulder. That half of her body had fallen asleep and was numb. She was thrilled when the plane came to a stop and the old lady jerked awake.

Bea was already in the terminal, a huge smile on her face. Annie noticed she still had the headphones on. Jessica was on her cell, talking a hundred miles an hour about a guy, Kevin, who was dating a girl named Ashley, when another girl, Brittney, liked Kevin.
Annie and Bea shook their heads. Annie said, “Teenage drama. It’s a killer Kevin likes Ashley.”
Bea froze, “I thought Kevin liked Brittney.”
Annie sighed, “Not this week.”
Bea said angrily, “That player.”

It was raining outside when the group walked into a hotel. Fred took off his sunglasses, which were useless in this weather, and talked to a receptionist about the reservations.
Bea, Annie, and Jessica got one room to each other while Eliza and Fred got another room…together.

It couldn’t be much worse. Having Jessica in the same room for a whole week and knowing that Fred and Elizacould be doing the hanky-panky in the next room. Jessica claimed one of the two beds, so Annie and Bea shared the remaining one.

Fred had told the girls to meet them downstairs in the restaurant for dinner. So, Annie and Bea were walking out when Jessica said, “What should I wear?”
Annie shrugged, “What you got on I guess.”
Jessica shrieked, “But my shirt has raindrops on it!”
Annie rolled her eyes as Bea coughed, which sounded a lot like “freak”.

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