Scooby Doo Pornography Story: Realizing Enjoy Chapter 8

Scooby Doo Pornography Story: Realizing Enjoy Chapter 8

Velma was curled up in
the back of the van, trying to keep warm from the coolness of the
outside temperature, and from the lack of a heater in the van.

Her ribs still hurt
terribly, and her face was noticeably tear-stained, along with her

Her eyes darted
around, this way and that. She caught sight of her legs that were
covered in bruises from being dragged and forced around from
different places throughout this nightmare.

After for a long time
of sitting in the back, they finally stopped the van outside of
another abandoned house. This one was much smaller, and appeared to
be more of a lake-house. Redd turned around to face Velma, and
pointed the gun to her head.

If you try to
escape while were gone, youll regret it, Redd growled, then
he and Bill got out of the van, carrying with them some supplies they
had gathered from the previous house.

Velma sat there, in
the back of the van. I have to risk it, she thought as she
strained to untie the ropes that bound her feet and hands together. I
cant just sit here and not do anything anymore

Velma struggled as
fast as she could to free herself from the entanglements of the
ropes. After what seemed like forever, Velma was finally free from
her trap. She quietly opened the back of the van door and closed it
lightly, trying not to draw attention to herself.

She slipped out of the
van and looked around the unfamiliar area. Velma noticed a path that
seemed to be hidden in the surrounding forest. I have to try to
get to it and get away
, she told herself.

One, Velma
whispered softly, after taking a deep breath, twothree!

Velma darted to the
hidden path she had spotted moments earlier. Velma hid behind a tree
and looked around to make sure no one followed her. She waited for
about five minutes and then quickly, but quietly, followed the path.

Velma rounded what
seemed like a u-shaped corner when her wrist was caught. She was
roughly turned around to face her captor, who was none other than
Redd Herring.

I told you not to
try and escape! he growled as he grabbed her other wrist.

Youre hurting
me, Velma cried, feeling the tight grip he had on both wrists. She
could only imagine the bruises that would form on her skin after
this. Velma struggled to try and get one of her wrists free.

Try all you might
Velma, but you wont get free of this grip, Redd sneered. But
alas to him, Velma wriggled one of her hands free.

With her free hand,
Velma took a daring risk and punched Redd in the face.


Redd stumbled backward
a bit, but what was amazing to Velma was that he wasnt hurt badly
enough to let go of her other wrist.

As Velma struggled to
pull free of Redds grip, Redd recovered from the righthook. He
twisted her arm behind her back, then grabbed her other arm and did
the same thing. Velma yelped out in pain. Redd dragged her back to
the once-abandoned house, ignoring her cries of pain.

Bill saw what happened
and came outside with a pair of handcuffs in his pocket, as Redd came
closer to the house with Velma.

The Mystery Machine
drove in silence for a long time. Fred finally stopped the tired van.

Are we there
already? Daphne asked groggily, waking up from a short nap.

Yep, Fred

The four companions
put on their mountain boots, snow jackets, gloves, and wool hats and
headed up the mountain. They started hiking, no one saying a word.
After about a while, Scooby stopped short. Shaggy turned around when
he realized Scooby wasnt there. He noticed that Scooby had his
ears perked up.

Like, Scoob, what
is it? Shaggy asked. Daphne and Fred stopped and turned to listen.

Risten, Scooby

The four of them stood
there silently, not daring to breathe or make any noise.

They started to hear
what Scooby heard so easily, faint, shrieking cries for help.

Help! Let go of me,
Redd! Somebody help!

Then there was a
fearful silence. None of them moved or spoke. Shaggy broke the chain.
Like, do y-you th-think that was Velma? he asked nervously.

Most like, Fred
replied, his voice surprisingly calm, though his facial expression
betrayed him. Lets keep going.

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