Scooby Doo Pornography Story: Realizing Enjoy Chapter Nine

Scooby Doo Pornography Story: Realizing Enjoy Chapter Nine

Velma awoke inside a
new room. She sat up and surveyed her surroundings. She was in a
small room, on a double-bed. A small nightstand accompanied the bed.
Not much else was in the room, save for a small window on the left
side of the bed.

Why am I in here,
Velma thought. Hes not gonnaNO! He wouldnt..or would
he? Eww! Gross! I need to get out of here!

pulled herself off of the bed, clutching her side, and slightly
limped towards the window. She unlocked it, and began trying to lift
it open, though it was difficult since it hadnt been opened in

In the midst of her
attempted escape, the only door to the room burst open, and in the
doorway was Redd and Bill.

Where do you think
youre going? Redd snarled, walking towards Velma. He grabbed
her and pushed her away from the window onto the floor. Youre
friends are too late. Its time for your doom.

Redd pulled out his
gun, armed it and aimed at a cowering Velma, pushing herself farther
into the corner.

Like, man, I
wouldnt pull that trigger if you dont want your brother here to
become Scoobys midnight snack, Shaggy said standing in the
doorway. He and Fred had managed to capture and hold Bill, flanked by
Daphne and Scooby on either side.

Redd turned to face
his enemies. So, you finally found us. Well, youre too late.
Im gonna finish her off, and then Ill take care of each of you
one by one. Except you for you, beautiful, he said nodding to
Daphne. I have better plans for you.

Fred took this
opportunity to cut in. Wait! Drop the gun, Redd. And then you and
I can fight for the win. Winner take all?

Velma looked at Fred
worriedly, and he gave her a quick wink. Then she understood.

Sure, why not,
should be easy enough, Redd remarked. He dropped the gun to the
ground and ran and tackled Fred in the hallway. Daphne jumped out of
the way, standing as close to the wall as she could get.

Bill nudged Shaggy in
the chest and dived for the gun at the same time as Velma. He grabbed
for it and quickly got up off the ground, grabbing Velma and holding
the gun at her head. Dont move or the lady gets it!

I cant take this
, thought Velma. If Im gonna die today, then I might
as well go out with a fight
. With this in mind, Velma shoved
herself into Bill so hard that the force knocked both of them out of
the second story window and onto the snowy ground, tumbling down a
slight hill and onto the icy lake. Shaggy and Scooby didnt
hesitate a minute, and jumped out of the window after them, going to
help Velma.

Back in the house,
Redd and Fred were exchanging punch after punch, each one of them
missing. Finally, with some luck, Redd managed to hit Fred, sending
him tumbling down the stairs. Redd laughed, and then started to
slowly walk down the stairs. Little Freddy, Redd taunted, just
cant handle the pressure, can you?

Redd reached the foot
of the stairs and picked Fred up, putting an one arm and knee on his
back to hold him, and his other arm around Freds neck and began
choking him. No matter how much you try, youll just never come
out on top. Youll always be the loser I knew you were.

WHAM! Redd was sent
spiraling across the floor. He looked up and there was Daphne walking
toward him with a broom in her hands. She came up to him and put one
foot on his chest to pin him down, and she held the tip of the broom
to his throat, threatening to choke him. Fred, dear, want to help
with this? Bill seemed to drop a pair of these in the hall upstairs,
she said, showing him a pair of handcuffs.

No problem, Fred
said, smiling. He grabbed the handcuffs and obtained Redd. Lets
go see if the others need our help.

Once Shaggy and Scooby
landed on the ground, Shaggy spotted the gun and picked it up, arming
it. I hope I wont have to use this, but if I must

Velma and Bill ended
up on the icy lake. They each stood up, trying to gain balance
without slipping. Velma finally was able to stand, but clutched her
ribs as she was once again reminded of the pain. Velma started to
slowly walk back to the snow until she noticed something in the ice
that shocked her.

Bill was finally up
and ready to attack Velma, when she interrupted him, Dont move,
were on thin ice! But it was too late, for Bill was still
moving toward her when the ice cracked, and both of them fell under
and into the freezing water.

Shaggy and Scooby saw
this from further up shore, and raced towards the water to save
Velma. Shaggy got to the edge and looked to see if he could possibly
see a glimpse of Velma from under the ice. Scooby sniffing carefully
on the ice to pick up Velmas scent and finally found something and
started barking to Shaggy.

Raggy! he
yelled. Rover rere!

Shaggy carefully
treaded to the slight break in the ice that Scooby was signaling to.
He took off his jacket, scarf, mittens, and hat and handed them to
Scooby. Ill be right back, he told Scooby.

Shaggy took a breath
and jumped in the water, and began searching for Velma. He didnt
have to swim very far until he saw Bill choking Velma with both hands
on her throat. Shaggy swam faster and faster to save her, his heart
pounding loudly in his chest. Shaggy swam up behind Bill and punched
him so severely, that Bill fell to the bottom of the lake,
unconscious. Shaggy grabbed Velma, who was about to pass out, swam
back to the surface of the water.

The air was already
cold enough for being up north during the winter. So when Shaggy had
surfaced from the water with an unconscious Velma in his arms, it was
ten times colder than normal. Scooby helped bring Velma out of the
water. Fred and Daphne arrived shortly, and Daphne helped Shaggy out
of the cold water.

Wheres Bill?
Daphne asked.

Hes gone,
Shaggy said.

There was a short
silence, until Scooby reminded them that Velma wasnt breathing.
Shaggy and Daphne quickly moved over to Velma who was over in the
snow under Scoobys watch.

Shaggy and Daphne
repositioned Velma on the snow, while Daphne started chest
compressions and Shaggy gave Velma air.

After a couple of
tries in tense silence, Velma regained consciousness, coughing up
some water. She looked around and saw Redd, then gasped and shuddered
a little.

Its okay Velma,
Shaggy said soothingly, he cant hurt you anymore.

Scooby licked Velma on
the cheek and exclaimed with excitement, Relma!

hugged Velma and said, near tears, Im so glad we found you.

youre back, Velma! Fred said, giving her a slight grin.

Thanks, guys,
Velma said, hugging Daphne back.

Daphne got up and
ushered Fred to take Redd to the Mystery Machine, while she pulled
out her cell phone, to contact the local police to take Redd into
custody. Scooby followed them as well, wanting to get out of the

Shaggy helped Velma
stand up, then grabbed his mittens, scarf, and hat, and put them on

Shaggy, Velma
began, thanks for saving me back there. It means a lot to me to
know that you would risk your life for me.

Like, Id risk my
life for you any day, Velma, Shaggy said while putting the coat
and both of them, holding her close, you mean the world to me, and
I love you.

I love you too,
Shaggy, Velma said, near tears. They embraced in a warm kiss,
before walking back up to the Mystery Machine.


Please tell me what you

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