Scooby Doo Pornography Story: The Fresh Adventures of Scooby Doo Chapter 1

Scooby Doo Pornography Story: The Fresh Adventures of Scooby Doo Chapter 1

was a dark night and the clouds were casting a ghastly shadow across
the landscape of the quiet town of Silent Hill. The moon was shining
eerily on the empty street, and a fierce wind howled, rocking old
gates of the old houses which lined up the roads leading into Silent
Hill’s downtown area. The eerie silence was broken when two head
lights illuminated the road. A green van was pulling up slowly
towards the town’s edge, on the side, covered in dirt and mud from
the rough roads leading to the town, read the words, “The
Mystery Machine.”

man, this is a loooong detour to get to the concernt, Freddy!”
Shaggy said staring over the back seat the road ahead of them. A
dense fog was rolling in around the van, causing Freddy to slow down
to a dead crawl. He rolled down the window and frowned when he saw
the street behind them was disappearing into the fog, and the road
ahead was becoming harder to see.

gang, looks like we’re going to miss the concert after all.”

man!” Shaggy said sadly, grabbing a bag of funions to drown his
sorrow in. Just as he was about to devour one, Scooby Doo ate it from
Shaggy’s hand.

Scooby laughed as he munched the funion. Shaggy rolled his eyes and
ate one and looked back out the window. Freddy was driving slowly
into town when suddenly out of the fog appeared a little girl. The
Mystery Machine, having been tuned up regularly after years of
breaking down at the worst times possible, stopped suddenly and Velma
stuck her head out the window.

Freddy, it’s just a little girl! Excuse me miss, but could you direct
us to the nearest hotel?” Velma asked adjusting her glasses. The
little girl pointed down the road to the Lakeview Hotel. Velma
squinted and could make out the sign.

you!” She said before rolling up the window. Before she did
however, the little girl walked over next to the door and whispered

room 302.” The little girl promptly ran off into the fog and
dissapeared. Velma blinked then shrugged. Shaggy was weirded out and
Scooby was currently clinging to him for dear life, nearly choking
him in his death grip around Shaggy’s throat.

you can get off of me, Scoob! The creepy little girl’s gone!”
Dafney woke up from her nap and yawned.

going on guys, are we at the concert?”

afraid not Daf, we’re going to have to miss the concert. This fog is
too thick to see where we’re going. Did the girl have the name of a

one up ahead Freddy. The Lakeview Hotel. Though the girl said to
avoid room 302.”

strange,” Dafney said thinking for a moment then cringing,
“Ewwwwww. I hope it’s not infested with bugs.” Freddy
rolled his eyes and the van rolled forward down the road.

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