The New Adventures of Scooby Doo – Chapter 13

The New Adventures of Scooby Doo – Chapter 13

wAs a chapteR 13 here, but it’S go– oh, wait, here it is
, by
Mix Mastah Xu.

Scooby and
Shaggy awoke sometime later from their encounter with Sadako, but it
was not back at the hotel. They had awoken in a bathroom witha large
hole in one wall, and the doorway plastered up.

Scoob, what are we gonna do? We probably haven’t had a bite to eat in


that’d taste good about now.


dice? We didn’t bring our D&D stuff.”


Scoob, you and Velma smoked it all on the way–“

reached into his own mouth and pulled out a retainer, shouted “HOLE,
YOU DIMWIT, ‘HOLE’!”, and put the retainer back in.

‘lets go into the hole.’ Guess we got no choice.”

and mabey we can find some rhores to ride.”

a ‘horse to ride’?”

this towrn, that too, probabry.”

Scooby and
Shaggy crawled into the gaping masonry and crawled through a
gradually narrowing tunnel, untill it began to branch out and
upwards. Rather than splitting up, as Fred would usually suggest,
they stuck together and picked a pathway, only sticking their head
out enough to see where each path lead.

In the
first opening, they saw what looked like a fat italian hammering four
bandanna’d turtles with ninja weapons in a fight to the death.

mia, I’ma make turtle soup outta you evil Koopas!”

chill out dude! We don’t work for no Bowzer!”

How did you-a know his-a name was ‘Bowser’!”

Suck it, Plumber!”

I don’t think so, Scoob.” dew-dew-dew (they go back down the

In the
next opening, they seemed to emerge inside a large white swimming
pool. But to their horror, a massive shadow went over them. They
looked up to see a giant Donkey Kong about to sit on his porcelain


opening, they were looking across at a vertical wall of stone and
lush vegitation… untill they realised they were looking down out of
Lincoln’s nose at Mt. Rushmore.

nope. Wrong hole.

another opening:


Both of
their breaths seemed to be pulled out of their lungs, as they looked
out from a metallic trench into the coldness of space. They tried to
hold their breaths, but their attention was grabbed by some
explosions not too far away.

the Force, Lu– woah, what’s that hippie and dog doing there?”


X-Wing’s pilot was jerked out of focus by his mentor’s surprize, but
still accidentally pulled the trigger. Scooby and Shaggy just ducked
back inside the hole, with two firey Photon Torpedos following


Shaggy and
Scooby dashed with surprizing speed back into the tunnel, and speeded
down the last tunnel, the flames still fast behind them. They charged
through it, and found themselves on the outside of a building.
Looking back, they saw the bathroom they started in. Looking down,
they saw what looked like a mutated demonic paradactly/bird flapping
idly below them.

right town.”




They fell
a full three stories, smashing into the bird thing on the way down,
and landed in a painful pile into a large garbage bin below.

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