Scooby Doo Sex Story: scooby doo afters

Scooby Doo Sex Story: scooby doo afters

Shaggy was at a party and after he had made a pile of bear cans he couldn’t quite remember who’s but it was Halloween and people were dressed in spooky costumes. He noticed a blonde girl walking towards him, she was wearing a black mini skirt that showed off a lot of thigh and a black top with a plunging neckline. He could almost see her nipples. He had a pretty face with eyes thy sold out because of her mascara. This made shaggy horny and he felt his cock grow. The blonde girl noticed his buldge. ‘hey’ she said, winking at shaggy. 

‘hey’ shaggy replied. Then he gulped as he saw and felt her slender hand wrap around his buldge from outside his chinos. ‘back room now’ she Said. 


Ten minutes later shaggy lay naked on a strangeres bed. The girl had just removed her skirt to reveal a right pink pussy. Her top had already come off her tits were large and shaggy had spent five minutes sucking and lockig them. Now she crawled up to shaggy dragging the door to her pussy over the he’s of his fick making him

TingleS her face was up to his and she mashed her face against his her beasts against his chest.  Her pussy rubbing over the edge of his dick. After they ha finished kissing. She slowly gave his penis a wuk suck to lie it up. ‘let’s ride this’ she grunted. Shaggy lay their. Then she lowers her sled on I his dick and began to bounce up and down. Mohhhh… Fuck ‘ she moaned as her thighs slapped against his thighs their skin making Los ouses as they ficked.  Shaggy pushed hom self up and grabbed on tit an sucked on the thee. ‘ kiss mr’ she moaned.  Shaggy kissed her hi tinge deep in her mouth.  She bounced ardent and faster shaggy then blew his load deep inside her. She moaned as he pumped his got semen deep into her. Seconds later he orgasmaed  causing her bal to span and her pusy righted and Suddnly shaggy felt a et of her pusy juries in his face. And then se was off. His dick her legs sprad wideZ lock me’

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