Scooby Doo Pornography Story: London Laughs Chapter Four

Scooby Doo Pornography Story: London Laughs Chapter Four

I do not own Scooby-Doo or any related Hanna-Barbera/Warner Bros
characters. The plot and minor characters are creations of mine. This
is a non for profit, just for fun piece of fan writing!

Four Theatre and Fear!

Wow! Freddie, this
is gonna be so great! I cannot wait until this evening! said
Daphne as she and Freddie left the Theatre Royal, Drury Lane
clutching tickets to that evenings performance of Anything

The two stood outside
the theatre admiring the building and looking at the posters
depicting moments from the show they were going to see when a scream
pierced the air. Soon it was followed by more screams.

What was that?
Daphne shouted

It came from inside
the theatre! Fred replied, Lets go!

They ran inside the
theatre and looked around. More screams could be heard.

They are coming from
the auditorium! the redheaded girl cried.

As they were about to
enter the auditorium, several staff members came running towards
them, terror was written across their faces. Wrenching the door open
Freddie entered first, closely followed by Daphne.

They entered a scene of
chaos; people everywhere were struggling to escape from the narrow
rows of seats, falling over each other in their panic. Fred ran
forward to get a better view of what was happening, leaving Daphne by
the doors.

Looking at the stage,
the young boy saw the cast members and several of the audience
looking anxiously up, following their gaze he saw a terrifying sight.

A ghost was floating
around the auditorium, wailing. Her face was deathly white, but her
eyes were purple and bruised, her skin was taught across her skull
and was cut and bruised. She was wearing a flowing skirt and leotard
that was tattered and torn, and on her feet were ballet shoes, that
were also tatty and discoloured. The wail that was emitted from her
mouth was piteous and unearthly.

Before he realized what
was happening Freddie watched as the ghost swooped down towards the
stage, heading straight for the lead female character. As the ghost
pulled up out of her dive she grabbed the female lead and lifted her
off of the stage.

Hey! the blond
boy cried as he leapt up onto the stage trying to make a grab for the
ghost and her captive.

In the confusion he was
pushed off the stage. He fell heavily into the orchestra pit,

oof! he said as
his head came into contact with something hard. The world around him
went dark as he fainted into unconsciousness.

Freddie! Daphne
screamed as she saw him fall.

Rushing forward the
young girl found herself fighting a sea of people all wanting to exit
the theatre. The ghost swooped upwards with her captive, and with an
eerie shriek of delight she vanished in a puff of smoke.

Outside the theatre a
red double decker sightseeing bus was driving by.

And here we have one
of the most haunted theatres in London, the Theatre Royal Drury Lane,
where currently playing is the the guide trailed off causing
the tourists on the bus to look around, trying to figure out why she
had stopped talking. What on earth is going on?

Jinkies! Velma
said as she saw people running from the theatre screaming and
shouting in terror. I wonder whats happening.

Like, zoinks! Isnt
that Daphne down there? Shaggy yelled as he pointed out a figure
in purple fighting against the crowd.

Yes! Yes it is! Come
on we have to get down there!

Rooby-Doo! cried
Scooby as he bounded down the stairs of the bus and out into the

Daphne! Daphne!

Like Daph! Wait up!

Raphne! Rop!

Daphne heard her name
being called, and momentarily stopped trying to get back inside the
theatre. Suddenly she found herself being carried along by the force
of the people escaping. Breaking free she rushed over to her friends,

Guys! We gotta get
back in there! Freddie is in there still. He fell from the stage, and
I havent seen him re-emerge!

Like woah! Whats
going on in there? Shaggy asked

I dont know. We
bought tickets for tonights performance then we heard screaming,
so we rushed back into the theatre and it was chaos, people were
rushing around shouting, clambering over each other, falling over,
madness! Freddie ran forward to find out what was going on. I
couldnt see much from where I was but I saw a cast member get
lifted into the air, and I saw Freddie fall off of the stage. Also I
heard this weird shrieking or wailing. Daphne explained as the
three humans and dog weaved their way through the crowds to get back
into the theatre.

Ooooh! What is the mystery that the gang have stumbled onto? Will
they find Freddie? Will Daphne get to see her show? Will Velma get to
finish her sightseeing tour? And will Shaggy and Scooby get to eat
any more fish and chips? Find outwhen I submit the next chapter!

you were not wrong in what you assumed. That will develop more in
later chapters, but you will have to find out to what extent!

you are enjoying the story! Like I said please review, or pop
suggestions into your reviews. I will respond to all reviewers and
all suggestions (sensible ones!) will be considered.


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