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Scooby Doo Porn Story: The Beginning – Chapter 6

Scooby Doo Porn Story: The Beginning – Chapter 6

A/N: Hey, Ive
been having state tests all week, so Im writing this kinda slow.
I promise that Ill make them meet some real criminals in this

The gang all arrived
at Freds house early the next morning. They ran outside to the
minivan and began to decide seating arrangements. Like I get the
back!! Shaggy yelled.

No problem, I dont
like it back there. Daphne said climbing into the captains

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Scooby Doo Hentai Story: "Scooby-Doo X Daphne"

Scooby-Doo: Scooby-Doo And Daphne

“Dammit!” thought Daphne as she drove the Mystery Mobile into town. Why do I
always have to go get it? Why can’t Thelma or Shaggy?”

Deep down though she knew why she was always stuck with the go-for jobs. Fred
was needed for his leadership skills and Thelma was great for figuring out
scientific problems. Shaggy and Scooby acted silly a lot of the time but they
seemed to have a sixth sense when it came to danger. Plus they had that
strange ability to pull things out of thin air to help them escape that
danger, Daphne had never been able to figure out how they did that. So that
left her, with no noticeable abilities, stuck doing the menial tasks. Like
now, when it was discovered they were out of fingerprint powder and sent her
to get some from the nearest 7-11 store.

Only problem was the nearest 7-11 store was 30 miles away and on the other
side of the swamp. It was 3 a.m. and she was feeling more then a little
nervous as the van traveled the road (more like a dirt path really), and her
fears weren’t eased in any way by Scooby’s company. Normally Scooby and
Shaggy were always together, but Fred felt she’d feel safer with some
protection. Hah! Some protection! Fred was right about one thing though,
Scooby Doo was large and that might deter any dangerous animals or ghosts.
Taking her eyes off the road for a moment Daphne glanced over at the Great
Dane and suddenly realized he was a massive creature, with deep beautiful
brown fur, well bu Continue reading

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Scooby Doo Porn Story: "The Curse of the Creepy Campsite"

Velma had received a very strange postcard from her cousin Vern who was on a Scout Jamboree with a group of British Scouts and Guides. The postcard was of a large forest next to a large lake with the words “Welcome to Camp Biggaboob” along the bottom. Vern, knowing of Velma’s interest in ghosts and mysteries, had written that various strange events were happening at the camp and suggested that Velma and the gang should come and investigate. At the bottom of the postcard it had an email address so that the team could contact him on the camp. Velma sighed, “Computer Cafes available at a Scout Jamboree – whatever next!” she thought as she logged in to the gangs laptop computer. Being the administrator allowed Velma to check to see what the other guys were looking at and storing – Shaggy just seemed to be interested in various food related sites, though there were some accesses to food in porn sites, Daphne was interested in shopping for clothes whilst Freddie seemed to be interested in the more “exotic” websites. Finding nothing interesting, Velma settled down to composing an email for her cousin – descriptions of the occurrences, location etc. She had pressed send, and started surfing for her favourite sites – female dominating females websites, especially if the dominating female wore glasses. Velma smiled as she clicked through a collection of pictures by her favourite porn star using a massive strap-on dildo on a mature brunette with large saggy boobs. Just as she was getting aroused, an email pinged back from Vern. The email read as follows:

” Dear Velma,

Glad you are interest Continue reading

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Tram Pararam Scooby Doo Story: "Scooby’s way of helping Daphne"

The gang is staying in a large mansion after solving yet another poltergeist mystery. Daphne and Velma have their own room and Fred, Shaggy and Scooby are sharing one. Scooby wakes up upon hearing a light moan.

?Raggy?? Shaking him lightly ?Raggy rake rup??

Not being able to wake Shaggy Scooby walks timidly to the door. He looks out and noticed it was coming from Daphne?s room. He slowly walks toward her room and pushes the door open a crack and peers inside. He sees Daphne with her legs spread and her skirt hiked up and she is rubbing herself. Scooby catches a whiff of her sex juices, his cock slowly emerges from his sheath. He puts his front paws on the bed to get a better look. As he gets closer the stronger the scent, making his cock grow steadily longer. He sees that Daphne has her eyes closed and her shirt up. She is playing with her tits and she is rubbing her clit with her thumb and sliding two fingers into her snatch.

Scooby?s cock is almost 13? long and still growing, as it grows it begins to leak a little precum. Being taken by the smell in the air he stretches out, and takes a light swipe with his tongue; starting at her asshole and going all the way up to her mound.

Daphne stops and uses her hands to lift up her upper body to see what the hell is going on. This of course gives Scooby a great view of her breasts; causing Scooby?s cock to make its max size of 15? and about 2? round start to pulses. His cock is now almost totally wet with his precum.

?Scooby, NO! Go away!?

?Ruh-uh, RI w Continue reading

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Tram Pararam Scooby Doo Story: "Horny"

The full moon’s pale light glinted off the van as it made its way through the ruts of an old washboard road. The occupants of the van clenched their teeth unconsciously with each jarring bump. From the back, a nervous voice spoke.

“Like, I don’t think anybody’s been down this road for a long time, Scoob.” It was Shaggy, who seemed more on edge than the rest of the crew.

“Yeah,” agreed Scooby, who was shaking visibly on the seat next to Shaggy. Their nerve ends tingled more from the dark, deserted valley through which they traveled, than the jolting trip itself. Was that a bat that just skittered past the window?

Velma, seated just in front of the cowering duo, studied the map by the dim beam of a flashlight. “Gosh, Freddie, looks like we should have gone straight on that road we were on back there, instead of turning!”

Freddie’s knuckles were white from their grip on the steering wheel. His broad shoulders hunched tensely, and he frowned. “You’re right, Velma, but we’ve been on this road too long to turn back now,” he said in a tone that he hoped belied his frustration. But he didn’t really give a shit. They’d been driving all night, and Daphne, seated calmly in the passenger seat, kept glancing at him seductively with those cat-like eyes of hers.

He knew for a fact that she’d discarded her panties at their last stop, which, he realized with a sinking feeling as he looked at the fuel gauge, had been way too long ago. For the last hour, she had been rubbing her clit in time to the bumps on the road, letting out soft sig Continue reading

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Tram Pararam Scooby Doo Story: "Peep show"

Velma wasn’t quite sure how she’d managed to be bound and gagged and thrown in the cellar. One minute she’d been wandering through the musty hallway, the next she was face down on the cool concrete floor. She blinked furiously, eyes adjusting to the dark, and vision blurred without her glasses. She desperately searched for something sharp to free herself, wriggling across the floor with ankles tied tight.

“I wouldn’t do that, bitch.”

Velma’s eyes grew wide as she scanned for the source of the sinister voice. She squirmed again, glancing around in vain.

“Stop moving!” The dark, boding voice demanded. “You move again, and I’ll cut your throat.”

Velma wimpered and stilled.

“Good.” The voice purred. Footsteps, heavy and even approached her suddenly. Raspy, coarse breath surrounded her. Velma shut her eyes tight. The person leaned in close, clutching Velma’s chin in a strong, beefy hand. “You’re gonna like this. I guarentee it.”

Velma concentrated on breathing, blocking out the sensations of foreign, sweaty hands groping her breasts and belly, probing unsuccessfully southwards toward her panties. She shuttered, biting the cloth gag, praying that the mystery molester would have a change of heart. Velma kept her eyes closed, and lie still as she could, waiting for her miracle.

She didn’t notice the footsteps coming fast upon them. She didn’t notice the commotion leading up to the brief struggle which ended with her captor unmasked and revealed to be the crazy old groundskeeper, Crazy Larry. The police arrived, an arrest was made, and the gang collected the meager $15 reward for sol Continue reading

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Scooby Doo Hentai Story: "Daphne and Shaggy – Who would have thought?"

??Okay guys, time to split up!? Fred announced as they made their way through the rusty old mansion.

Velma nodded. ??Same drill as usual?¦?

Daphne, stunning girl that she was, decided she had a better idea. ??Why don??t we change it up this time? We switch me for Scooby??

The door creaked open on its rusty hinges as Daphne shoved Shaggy into the room.

??Now I know why I never go with you,? Daphne complained.

Shaggy shrugged. ??Some call it cowardice, but like, I call it safety first.?

Daphne rolled her beautiful eyes, placed her hands on her sexy hips, and took in the view.

The room was small, and only an old-style four poster king size bed adorned it. The sheets looked so soft, the pillows were so fluffy- she sat down.

??Look in the closet,? Daphne instructed. She laid down and stretched,
splaying her pretty limbs on the soft, firm bed.

Shaggy did as told, but found nothing. He sat down on the bed. ??Like, got anything to eat??

Daphne took a moment to think before smiling suggestively. ??We-e-ellllll,? she purred, lifting the hem of her dress, revealing sexy thighs and a purple panties.

Shaggy??s eyes bulged. ??Daphne, I, Like-?

Daphne kicked off her shoes and folded her legs to pull off her pantyhose. ??Come on, you said you??re huuungry?¦?

Shaggy leaned forward, further, further, put his hands around
<br / Continue reading

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Scooby Doo porn Story: “Inside the Mystery Machine” Ch. 04

“It’s too bad Velma had to study for finals and couldn’t join us,” said Shaggy as he drove through the blinding rain.

“Yeah, she’s always a big help figuring out who it was that dressed up like a monster to scare us away,” added Fred, who was stretched out on the bed he and Shaggy had installed the day before due to a suggestion by the girls. “You know??¦ this is really comfy.”

“We didn’t ask you to put one back there just so you could lay around on it while we drove around,” replied Daphne as she unbuckled her seat belt and joined Fred on the bed. “We want it for another reason.” With a wink, Daphne leaned down and brushed her mouth across his, her tongue dancing teasingly across his bottom lip.

“Even better,” responded Fred. His strong arms wrapped around her tiny waist and pulled her on top of him. “I can think of lots of reasons.”

Daphne squealed with laughter and gazed playfully into his cerulean eyes. “Got something in mind?”

“Oh yeah,” he moaned as she wiggled her hips, her panty covered crotch rubbing against the growing bulge in his pants. She yanked the green scarf from around her neck and tied it around his wrists. Taking the loose ends, she secured it to the head of the iron frame that held the bed in place in the back of the van. “But it didn’t involved being tied up.”

“You’ll love it… trust me.” Grabbing the hem of her dress, she jerked it over her head, the thick mane of ginger tresses falling softly around her pale shoulders. The rosy pink nipples topping her firm breasts hardened in the cool air of the van. Her fingers trailed across his chest as she reached for the bottom to push it up over his head, leaving it hanging around his trapped wrists.

Leaning forward, she enticingly rubbed her stiff peaks against his smooth chest, drawing a moan from his lips. Her hair fell around his face like a curtain as she pressed her lips against his. “Wanna suck Freddie?” she asked a Continue reading

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Scooby Doo Porn Story: “Inside the Mystery Machine” Ch. 05

“Hey Shaggy, why don’t you pull over and come back here and join us?” Daphne asked as she sat on the mattress beside Fred, who remained tied up with her green scarf.

“Rut r I rupprosed to do?” mumbled Scooby, who was getting increasingly tired of listening to the humans fuck.

“There’s a park nearby buddy. How about I pull over there and let you out? You could get some exercise and maybe find a girl doggy to keep you occupied.”

Scooby’s ears perked up at the mention of a girl dog. “Rokay,” he growled as his tail thumped against the seat.

“Looks like Scooby’s excited at spending some time with a lady friend,” Fred said with laughter in his voice.

Shaggy pulled the Mystery Machine over to the curb at the park and reached over to open the door for Scooby. “We’re going park across the street over there,” he said as he pointed to an alleyway nestled between two brick buildings that housed shops. “I’ll pull back up here when we’re ready to go.”

Scooby just nodded his head and wagged his tail in response and then leapt from the passenger seat to land in the soft green grass. Barking happily, he bounded towards a large tree, relieved himself, and then trotted away to find a companion.

Once parked deep in the narrow alley across from the park, Shaggy climbed in the back with Fred and Daphne. She lay naked and stretched out beside Fred. Shaggy didn’t bother asking Daphne what she wanted; he simply dived between her creamy thighs and spread them wide. That was one of the many things she loved about him, he never minded eating her pussy, even if it was full of cum.

She moaned lustily when his fleshy tongue flicked over her clit. The mingl Continue reading

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